A Convenient Arrangement Audiobook Cover

A Convenient Arrangement Audiobook Cover

The Cuffing Chronicles

5 out of 5 stars

Going into this, I picked this one up from Audible as a “fun read” (aka something for myself, not a request). And I’m glad I did. I’ve read one book by Aurora Rey and one by Jaime Clevenger and enjoyed both of them. So, I should have known going into this that the ending was going to have me in happy tears – but I was NOT prepared for how many I had. I was driving to the chiropractor, thrilled to get my adjustment and have some time in the car beforehand. I’m sitting in the parking lot, full-on bawling. I had to take a few moments to compose myself.

Now, back to the story at hand. This was one of those fauxmance stories that didn’t feel like either of the characters were super flawed. You had one who if she’d been single for much longer would have been an ice queen – but wasn’t there yet. Jess was the perfect happy character. She has to write a story for the publication she works at about cuffing but wants to go into it making sure that both parties know exactly what they’re getting into. A relationship that will last until Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a description of cuffing from mindbodygreen.com: “Cuffing” is a term based on the idea of getting “handcuffed” or tied down to one partner. It refers to when people get into relationships during the colder months of the year, even though they ordinarily wouldn’t be interested in a commitment.

Cody is up for tenure and she really wants it, but has been told that even as hetero-normative as it is – she might be held back because she isn’t happy and in a relationship. So, she needs a date to work functions. It’s a win-win for both parties right? Jess can write about the cuffing chronicles for her article and Cody has dates to her work functions and can finally get tenure.

As you can tell – the issue is cuffing isn’t easy when feelings start to get in the way. I’m no expert on it, but I’m curious how many people end up together after cuffing. It feels like getting that close to someone would open up a lot of feelings and emotions. Maybe I’m not the right person for it… but it doesn’t feel like Jess and Cody are either.

I thought I had the drama/issue pegged for this one, but I was off. I had the “solution” figured out and it made me even happier than I predicted.

Overall, I thought that A Convenient Arrangement was a really cute story about two driven women who made each other better. Throw in an adorable kid to the mix and my heart was melting throughout.

Book Description:

A Convenient Arrangement Audiobook Cover

Cuffing season has come for lesbians.

Jess Archer, digital journalist for the internet’s hottest lesbian media platform, has been assigned to research cuffing, from an up close and personal perspective. She’s not sure it’s really her thing, but the assignment gives her the chance to write something more substantial than her usual fluff pieces. All she needs now is a willing lesbian.

For Cody Dawson, signing up for Jess’s project is a no-brainer. She gets to date an interesting woman, enjoy her company, and not disrupt the tidy life she’s built for her son. Everything’s perfect until she starts falling for Jess. When she realizes she’s heart-deep in the feelings she’s agreed not to have, their convenient arrangement becomes anything but.

A Convenient Arrangement by Aurora Rey, Jaime Clevenger
Narrator: Kira Omans
Length: 9 hrs and 35 mins
Published by Bold Strokes Books on October 14th 2021
Genres: Fauxmance
Format: Audiobook
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