What’s Your Favorite Dinosaur?

OK, reading the reviews for this audiobook I feel I must get something out of the way quickly. This is not a book read by a narrator. This is more like a documentary multi-episode podcast in a volume form. There, now that that apparently misleading bit of information which caused many to feel they were misled as to what this was, is out of the way, we can get on to the nitty-gritty.

There is no way to accurately express how much of a lifelong fan of dinosaurs I am. Seriously. I’ve tried. It’s impossible to encapsulate * ahem * decades into a complete picture of how much dinosaurs were an integral part of my childhood and what spawned a lifetime of imagination. I’ve loved learning everything I can about them and I don’t see that love dissipating anytime soon.

Ben Garrod is an evolutionary biologist from the UK who takes us on a journey to several countries in order to bring us all up-to-speed on the latest understanding of these creatures and what science is revealing to us in ever changing ways.

Each episode takes in depth with interviews and fact-finding missions with top leaders in paleontology working daily in this amazingly accelerated time of learning. What we find out is that our understanding of dinosaurs has changed dramatically over the course of 150 years, with the last couple of decades bringing insight in at a pace almost difficult to keep up with.

We learn the eras of the dinosaurs, when they lived, what they lived on, and how we know this. From dig site to laboratory to museum, we follow along as fact after fact is presented to show their size, diet, habits, and ultimate downfall. Through it all, we are met with people whose passion for these extinct creatures rivals my own.

After every episode I would take a moment to digest what I’d learned because there was just so much added information. My spark of love for these long-gone creatures grew into a roaring fire and I couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, I may break one of my cardinal rules about re-listening to an audiobook (I never do nor do I reread books- It’s a weird thing of mine I know), and actually listen to this again so I can memorize even more facts.

Ben Garrod’s enthusiasm for the subject definitely helped propel the listening as it went. The guest scientists and researchers he interviews shared his enthusiasm and gave the listen the sense of a fantastic conversation between colleagues we were fortunate enough to overhear. The flow of the listen was engaging, interesting, and well formatted.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go search for my favorite dinosaur books from when I was a kid. Oh, and Ben asks everyone what their favorite dinosaur is. Mine is Ankylosaurus. What’s yours?

Book Description:

by Ben Garrod
Narrator: Ben Garrod
Published by Audible Studios Genres: Non-Fiction

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