Pound of Flesh

The 4th installment is so good it could be a new series

5 out of 5 stars

Nine days after a virus has turned most of humanity into zombies — Cade Grayson and crew are attempting to get a handle on what is going on just outside their base.  All the while, the “New American’s” are trying to do the same thing in their fortified small town Jackson Hole.  Follow characters you’re familiar with and new ones as they continue to fight to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Shawn Patton has done the narration for all four installations of this series.  Patton just has one of those voices that really bring a story alive.  He’s able to be a hard-assed special ops man one moment and then that spec-ops guys wife in the next.  It’s amazing to listen along as he brings Chesser’s words alive. I’m always excited when I get an email saying that the next book is out and to see that Chesser and Patton have teamed up again.  Even though the books have already been written — it feels like the words were written for Patton to speak.

Very rarely does a series surprise me.  Even less often does a series surprise me in the fourth installment.  Usually, by this point, I understand the characters and the way that each person is going to deal with new situations.  No, not in A Pound of Flesh.  Chesser takes what I thought I knew and threw it out the window.  That doesn’t mean that Cade isn’t in it — or his wife and child, they’re all present and accounted for.  Chesser just decided to finally dive into what was happening in some of the rest of the surrounding area around Cade.

With this expansion of space, he also expands into some new characters, both good and bad.  In the fourth installment of surviving the zombie apocalypse we meet the radical New American movement who are currently holed up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Just their story is fascinating — and Chesser gives you much more.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m rarely surprised by a series — especially one that I’ve enjoyed as much as I’ve enjoyed this series so far.  But the new directions that Chesser is taking the characters and the story is perfect in my opinion.  I really enjoyed finding out more and more about the US in the last 9 days since the outbreak started.  I feel like the author is slowly pulling the blindfold off of the readers eyes — not allowing them to see too much too soon, but giving them enough to keep them coming back and back.

With the narration done by Chris Patton continuing for the series (as far as I know) I will follow Cade into any adventure he finds himself in the middle of. Well, I know what I’ll be doing for the next month or two… I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment from Chesser & Patton.

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ShawnChesserShawn Chesser resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two children. He studied writing at Harvard on the hill(PCC Sylvania) many years ago. Shawn is a big fan of the apocalyptic horror genre. Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy, and George Romero are strong influences. When not writing, Shawn spends the rest of his time doting on his two children and doing whatever his wife says.


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