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The Maintenance Race by Stewart Brand
Narrated by Richard Seyd
Audible Originals

In 1968, nine competitors set out in a race that had never before been attempted: to sail around the world, alone, without stopping.

The route took them through the most dangerous waters on Earth. Seeking help was forbidden, and psychologists speculated that the 10 months alone at sea could drive the sailors mad. The winner was promised money and attention, but everyone knew that the real prize was to become a legend. What no one predicted was how.

Three of the racers did indeed become legendary: the one who won, the one who didn’t bother to win, and the one who cheated.

In this Audible Original, Stewart Brand (theWhole Earth Catalog, How Buildings Learn, The Clock of the Long Now) tells these men’s story, and lays out a new understanding of how and why each of them met their fate. His claim is that the core of the race came down to how each sailor approached the question of maintenance. And he explains how shifting our own understanding of maintenance may help us address the problems we face, from daily chores to issues that threaten our very existence.

The Disappearance of Emily Downs by C.J. Redwine
Narrated by Mia Jenness
Audible Originals

A riveting, action-packed sci-fi thriller about a young girl on a mission to rescue her best friend, from C.J. Redwine, the New York Times best-selling author of The Shadow Queen.

There are three rules in Black River Falls:

1. Don’t break curfew unless you want the monsters to find you.

2. Don’t ask questions, no matter what.

3. When someone goes missing, don’t go looking.

Joey Barnes obeyed those rules, until the day her mother vanished without a trace. She’s spent two years secretly hunting for clues, and she’s discovered plenty of things that don’t make sense, even for Black River Falls. Like the fact that Harrison Pelt keeps a chest full of weapons under a loose floorboard in his porch. Or that there’s a steel door hidden behind a shelf of old books in the library. She’s become so good at snooping, she’s found enough strange facts to fill up her favorite purple journal. What she hasn’t found is her mother.

When her best friend, Emily, goes missing, too, and the grown-ups seem ready to accept it, Joey decides enough is enough. Relying on unlikely friendships and a streak of stubbornness, Joey is determined to find her friend, solve the mystery that plagues Black River Falls, and, if she’s lucky, find her mother, too.

That is, if the monsters don’t find her first.

Why Food Matters by Paul Freedman
Narrated by Jack de Golia
Blackstone Audio

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An award-winning historian makes the case for food’s cultural importance, stressing its crucial role throughout human history.

Why does food matter? Historically, food has not always been considered a serious subject on par with, for instance, a performance art like opera or a humanities discipline like philosophy. Necessity, ubiquity, and repetition contribute to the apparent banality of food, but these attributes don’t capture food’s emotional and cultural range, from the quotidian to the exquisite.

In this short passionate audiobook, Paul Freedman makes the case for food’s vital importance, stressing its crucial role in the evolution of human identity and human civilizations. Freedman presents a highly enjoyable and illuminating account of food’s unique role in our lives, a way of expressing community and celebration, but also divisive with regard to race, cultural difference, gender, and geography. This wide-ranging book will be a must-listen for food lovers and all those interested in how cultures and identities are formed and maintained.

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