A tale of survival against all odds

4.5 out of 5 stars

Infection was an enjoyable read.  It definitely tugged at my heartstrings numerous times and made me feel things for the characters.  Not every book can do that, and to be honest, very few books I’ve read recently really make me feel something for the main characters. The last one I can think of was The Martian, but that book is easily the best book I’ve read in a long time.

Infection takes place during and after a pandemic level infection takes over the population of the world.  The people are seemingly fine, but just want to party.  Unfortunately, this incessant need to party is also the quickest and easiest way to spread the disease.  These infected people party until they drop — literally.  They drop dead after a while at an alarming rate — 98% infection/death ratio.

The narration of Infection was done by Scott Berrier who has a deep and booming voice.  Sometimes I thought it was a little too deep and dark, and at other times it was perfect.  I ended up really enjoying his narration and will listen to more books narrated by him.

McDonald does a great job with character building.  The main characters all had their quirks, but that made the story interesting.  I felt like each one of them at any time could succumb to the infection at any moment. Which really made for a wild ride.

This wasn’t as much about the virus as I’d hoped it would be, but the incredible story really made it still an enjoyable book.  I’m genuinely curious what will happen in the next book if/when McDonald writes one.

Overall, Infection had a little bit of everything.  Bio-Thriller readers will enjoy a different virus than I’ve ever read.  Thriller writers will enjoy the traveling and unknowns around every corner.  And good fiction lovers will love the interactions and characters in Infection.


Book Description:

Infection by M.P. McDonald (Narrated by Scott Berrier)four-half-stars
Infection by M.P. McDonald
Narrator: Chris Berrier
Length: 8 hrs and 20 mins
Series: Sympatico Syndrome #1
Published by Self Published on December 20, 2016
Genres: Bio-Thriller, Thriller
Pages: 276
Format: Audiobook
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What started as a flu outbreak on a military base proves deadlier than Ebola and more contagious than the Spanish Flu. Sympatico Syndrome is unlike anything the world has ever seen. Victims' behavior is changing to accommodate the rapid spread of the virus.

Former Navy epidemiologist Cole Evans is well aware of the rare, infectious diseases the military studies. He also knows, first-hand, the government's stance on sharing information with the public, so if the media has already learned about the disease, then it's far too late to contain the outbreak.

Cole's only chance to save his family is to establish a safe haven. Isolated, hard to reach, and with enough space for his brother's family as well, he has the perfect location - if only they can all reach it before they're infected.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

About the Author:

M.P. McDonald makes a living from taking your breath away… then giving it back via a tube or two. She lives in a frozen land full of ice, snow, and abominable snowmen. On the days that she’s not taking her car ice-skating, she sits huddled over a chilly computer, tapping out the story of a camera that can see the future. She hopes it can see summer approaching, too.


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