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Being an avid Bio-Thriller reader, I’ve known of or heard about Plum Island in numerous books.  Lab 257 is a story about this island and the things that have (or may have) come from it.  Michael C. Carroll spent years researching the history and speaking to people who were connected to Plum Island (and Lab 257) in some way, shape, or form to bring this book to life.

I’m not always a non-fiction fan.  Some non-fiction books read like a story (Richard Preston) while others read like a school book that you just can’t get into.  Lab 257 is a combination of both.  Carroll is able to bring to life stories that were absolutely fascinating in one step and then bring me down a bit in another.

If I wasn’t a fan of books written about this subject I would steer clear of this because there is a lot going on in here that will just scare the living crap out of most people.  Not because it’s meant to jump scare you, but because the things that Carroll describes are real. There are real bio-agents out there that can do incredibly disgusting things to a human body.

I’m not sure what Carroll hoped to bring to light with this book, but I felt like it was more information about a secret lab and maybe bring more investigation into Plum Island. I’m not 100% sure, but the book was a mix of really interesting stories and some more fact-based boring accounts and science.

Kirby Heyborne did a nice job taking the non-boring and the more boring facts in this book and bringing them to life in the best way possible.  His voice was easy to listen to and allowed me to learn while I was driving to and from work each day.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Lab 257 by Michael Christopher Carroll (Narrated by Kirby Heyborne)four-stars
Lab 257 by Michael Christopher Carroll
Narrator: Kirby Heyborne
Length: 13 hrs and 36 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on March 21, 2017
Genres: Science
Pages: 330
Format: Audiobook
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Strictly off limits to the public, Plum Island is home to virginal beaches, cliffs, forests, ponds - and the deadliest germs that have ever roamed the planet.

Lab 257 blows the lid off the stunning true nature and checkered history of Plum Island. It shows that the seemingly bucolic island in the shadow of New York City is a ticking biological time bomb that none of us can safely ignore. Based on declassified government documents, in-depth interviews, and access to Plum Island itself, this is an eye-opening, suspenseful account of a federal government germ laboratory gone terribly wrong.

For the first time, Lab 257 takes you deep inside this secret world and presents startling revelations on virus outbreaks, biological meltdowns, infected workers, the periodic flushing of contaminated raw sewage into area waters, and the insidious connections between Plum Island, Lyme disease, and the deadly West Nile virus. The book also probes what's in store for Plum Island's new owner, the Department of Homeland Security, in this age of bioterrorism.

Lab 257 is a call to action for those concerned with protecting present and future generations from preventable biological catastrophes.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

About the Author:

Michael Christopher Carroll spent seven years researching and writing Lab 257. A native of Long Island and an avid outdoorsman, Carroll is now general counsel of a New York-based finance company. He lives on Long Island and in New York City.


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