Salt! This was a fun book.

5 out of 5 stars

The first book in this series felt really different to me.  It basically told the story of a ship that was surviving by drifting from place to place trying to trade.  They met up with another group of ships and things went south as I expected they would.  The second book, Seaswept had a ton of action in it and picked up right where the first book left off. The story is so engrossing I kept thinking that it had been hundreds of years since the volcanic eruption that changed the world forever.

Esther is back and better than ever.  She’s just as confused as she was in the first book — maybe even more.  But attempts to save the day on numerous fronts.  Seaswept introduces some new characters and new ships into the mix too, which added to my enjoyment.

The story flowed extremely well and there didn’t feel like there was a piece missing.  Most if not all of my questions were answered.  And, like any good story, a few more came up towards the end.  I mentioned that I felt like it’d been more than 100 years since the eruption and I honestly kept thinking that.  I think part of it is because they don’t use all the curse words.  Instead, they are substituted by words like “salt” and “rust”, which, to be honest, added a ton of charm to this book without making it too gritty.

Sure, some of the romantic scenes were a little childish and seemed a little far fetched, but the main character is supposed to be in her early 20s (and I’d assume a tragedy like the volcano eruptions and growing up on a ship, knowing nothing different could stunt your love-life a little). I think that Rivet wrote this book with a lot of ages in mind and kept it safe enough to be approached by almost anyone, so I didn’t let that bother me.

Ray Greenley narrated Seaswept and absolutely crushes it.  He allowed the already fast-paced story to flow so smoothly that I almost forgot that I was reading.  More than a few times I sat in my car in the parking lot waiting for a scene to finish or a chapter to end.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first book in the Seabound Chronicles, then Seaswept is definitely for you.  If you enjoyed the movie Waterworld (I really did) and unique and different post-apocalyptic stories — this series should be a nice change of pace.

I’m really curious to find out as much about Esther’s backstory (Rivet teases the prequel) as much as what is going to happen next.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Seaswept by Jordan Rivet (Narrated by Ray Greenley)five-stars
Seaswept by Jordan Rivet
Narrator: Ray Greenley
Length: 6 hrs and 44 mins
Series: Seabound Chronicles #2
Published by Jordan Rivet on November 18, 2016
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 379
Format: Audiobook
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Sixteen years ago, the Yellowstone volcano erupted and changed the world forever. A small group of survivors escaped on a cruise ship called the Catalina ahead of a choking cloud of ash. Since then, they have been surviving at sea, drifting until the land becomes safe again.

The adventure continues in Seaswept, the heart-stopping second book in the Seabound Chronicles.

After her triumphant return to the Catalina, Esther begins developing a new way to produce energy. Meanwhile, the exiles from the Galaxy Flotilla, including the enigmatic David Hawthorne, struggle to find their place aboard the Catalina.

When Esther makes a major breakthrough, David offers to sell her technology for supplies and alliances for the Catalina. They dock with the Amsterdam Coalition, where David's bidding war soon takes a dangerous turn.

How far will Esther go to rescue him? She's still not sure whether she can trust anyone on the post-apocalyptic ocean—even David himself.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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