A super detailed how-to book

3.5 out of 5 stars

A few times while listening to this I thought, “does this need to be an audiobook?”  And honestly, I don’t know.  I’m an auditory learner — so listening to things help me more than reading them (which is one of the reasons I love audiobooks so much).  But, I think that this book would have been better as a youtube series or even maybe a podcast.

Either way, the book itself was chalk full of details about how to get set up using the “dark net” and what to do and avoid.  It also gives some details into the reasonings why and why not for certain aspects of the internet and dark web.

It’s definitely detail-oriented.  I couldn’t sit and listen to this for more than 30-40 mins at a time since it was just so detailed.

If you enjoy books about how to get things set up, technical books, and books on the dark web, then this book is definitely for you. If you are looking to get set up using the Tor browser and want to know how to set it up — this book will get you there.

Overall, a pretty dry and boring detail-oriented book.  But not something I’m mad or sad that I listened to either.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Tor and the Dark Net by James Smith (Narrated by John Wray)four-stars
Tor and the Dark Net by James Smith
Narrator: John Wray
Length: 3 hrs and 21 mins
on December 14, 2016
Genres: Non-Fiction
Pages: 115
Format: Audiobook
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So many people take their privacy on the Internet for granted. Some may know and choose to ignore the fact, but every single thing you do online is being tracked and guess what? For better or for worse it is there forever. Whether you're simply browsing websites or you are accessing confidential information that you would rather no one know about there are ways to remain anonymous. Imagine this scenario, you create an account on a forum with your name and decide to do some political freedom fighting with it. Years down the road a future employer of yours does a simple google search of your name and finds everything you've ever done. They don't hire you.

This is a very simple scenario that just scratches the surface of reasons to stay anonymous but the point remains the same. Knowing when and how to remain anonymous is very important. Many people already realize this but have no clue where to start. This book has step by step instructions and techniques involving Tor, VPN's, proxies, and more that will take you to the deepest levels of anonymity in which not even the all-seeing NSA will be able to track you.

A preview of what you will learn:
How to remain completely anonymous
Exactly what Tor, VPN's, and PGP are
How to set up and use Tor correctly for maximum safety
Key mistakes to avoid
The real capabilities of the NSA
Much, much more!

Take charge of your privacy today and buy this book!

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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