An incredible survival story

5 out of 5 stars

Where the first book left you with more of a cliff-hanger, Uncertain World will leave you feeling more fulfilled.  There will be at least one more EMP Survivor Series book, but if you wanted to quit now you could and you wouldn’t feel like you were missing something.

Uncertain World takes place directly after Unexplained World, continuing the story of Dillon and his unrelenting attempts at finding his daughter and staying alive in this ever-changing world.

This story was just slightly better than the first one because I knew the characters and I felt like their stories were going to come to a conclusion (which is always exciting for me). The storytelling in Unexplained was good, but in Uncertain World it was almost perfect.  Each line felt like it had a purpose.

The parts in this story that really hit home for me were the ones from the point of view of the dog.  Good lord, I’m a dog person and some of them were overwhelmingly cute and others were so hard to take.  Just an absolutely epic job by Pike.

Overall, Uncertain World will leave readers from the first story happy, while others who want to continue the story will still have the option for more… In early 2017.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Uncertain World (EMP Survivor #2)  by Chris Pike (Narrated by Kevin Pierce)five-stars
Uncertain World (EMP Survivor #2) by Chris Pike
Narrator: Kevin Pierce
Length: 6 hrs and 6 mins
Series: The EMP Survivor Series #2
on November 3rd 2016
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Format: Audiobook
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From breakout author Chris Pike comes the thrilling conclusion about one father’s quest to persevere against all odds to save his daughter.
You read Unexpected World. You experienced the fall of modern society. Now it’s time for the hardened survivors to face the perils of an uncertain world.

Dillon Stockdale is a broken man, crippled by agonizing grief over the realization his daughter perished in the wilderness. Dillon, together with Holly Hudson and his faithful dog, reluctantly begin the dangerous journey back to Holly’s sprawling ranch. During the harrowing trip, they face murderous outlaws and violent weather, but they learn something invaluable that will change the course of many lives.

Will a bold plan and new alliances result in Dillon’s salvation, or does the journey end here?

Find out who lives and who dies in this riveting conclusion to the survivors of an unexpected and uncertain world.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Also by this author: Unexpected World (EMP Survivor #1), Unknown World, Unwanted World (EMP Survivor #4)
Also in this series: Unexpected World (EMP Survivor #1), Unknown World, Unwanted World (EMP Survivor #4)

About the Author:

Chris Pike grew up in the woodlands of central Texas and along the Texas Gulf Coast, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and dodging hurricanes and tropical storms. Chris has learned that the power of Mother Nature is daunting, from floods to category five hurricanes, to slippery ice or desert conditions. It pays to be prepared.

Currently living in Houston, Texas, Chris is married, has two grown daughters, one dog and unfortunately three overweight, demanding cats.

Chris is an avid supporter of the Second Amendment and has held a Texas concealed carry permit since 1998, with the Glock being the current gun of choice.

IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT BOOK 3: Unknown World is a continuation of Chandler and Amanda’s story and is slated for a February, 2017 release.

Hi Readers, this is Chris. I’d like to tell you thanks for stopping by and if you have downloaded a copy of Unexpected World or Uncertain World, man I am really grateful! It is because of readers like yourself that makes Indie publishing possible. Seriously. Thanks a million. Readers are emailing me telling me they have really enjoyed the series.

And if you have a moment, could you post a review. One or two sentences is all that is needed. I will be forever grateful. Thank you! Y’all are the best!


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