Cover Design and Redesign

Are you an indie author?  I know that money is tight!

Do you need a redesigned cover for your eBook?  Do you need a new design?  I can help.

With 10+ years of graphic design work under my belt, I can help nearly any author get the cover they want!

I’m working on building up my online portfolio (for book covers).  If you are interested in a cover design or redesign, let’s help each other out!  You’ll get a great work of art for your ebook and I’ll be able to add more covers to my portfolio.  I’m running a special for new customers, send me an email to find out more.



Audiobook Covers

This one was fun.  When originally released – the audiobook cover for The Last Checkout by Peter Besson seemed like it was missing something.  You could tell that something was cut off.  This happens a lot with audiobook covers, especially because authors (especially indie authors) make an audiobook after the original book was made.  I obviously love audiobooks – so I want to make their square covers as attractive as possible.

I took the seemingly boring and dull cover for the audiobook and transformed it into something eye-catching. (I love their books, but the covers with the big bold bars are just designers nightmare fuel). The original cover was not designed by me, it was taken from the Kindle edition of the book.



These two are audiobook covers that I made on my own time to replace covers that either didn’t exist or that weren’t converted (well) to audio.


These covers were done quickly as mockups for authors.  A couple of them were entered into design contests but were not chosen as the final cover.


Are you interested?  Contact me at [email protected] for more info and for pricing.

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