Back to the Start Audiobook Cover

Back to the Start Audiobook Cover

Lost Love Found Again

4.5 out of 5 stars

This has the makings of the typical big-town girl who comes back to her small town and falls in love. But this story was so much more than that. I love McCallan’s book because there is always some growth (or realization) needed for both characters. And usually, the process of them figuring it out can be emotional – but it’s needed in books like this one. Back to the Start was such a cute story, and it could have gotten lost in the “Hallmark” storyline, but it chose not to.

The backstory in this one was heartbreaking, and I’m glad that we were given some closure with the characters to such a tragic and insane event in their childhood. I’m so used to these books following a similar script that I’m a little lost at what to think about it. But know that I really enjoyed the book and had a smile on my face throughout.

Add in the great performance by the veteran sapphic narrator (that you all know I love), Lori Prince, and this is an enjoyable book that I took my time to enjoy. This one went down like your first two cups of coffee on a crisp fall morning.

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Book Description:

Back to the Start Audiobook Cover

When Remy’s grandmother dies, it means leaving her life in San Francisco and returning to a town she swore she’d never revisit, forced to confront a world she’d worked hard to put behind her over the last twelve years.

She’s not expecting that the first girl to ever steal her heart, the pretty, popular Fallon Lewis, is still around, and in a town this small, their paths continue to cross, much to Remy’s dismay. It’s hard enough seeing her first love, but it’s exponentially more difficult when she can barely stand to look at the woman.

Remy’s trip back has the possibility to open up doors she believed were shut long ago, but she’s never planned on staying, and she definitely never planned on letting Fallon back into her life.

If she thought being a teenager in a small town was hard, she’s about to find out how much harder life is when there’s no one but herself to blame for her problems.

Contains mature themes.

Back to the Start by Monica McCallan
Narrator: Lori Prince
Length: 8 hrs and 39 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on May 31st 2022
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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