Before You Say I Do

Before You Say I Do

Funny and Cute While Tugging At Your Heartstrings

4.5 out of 5 stars

Well, well, well, this was an adorable story that took some ideas and scenes from some of my favorite movies and applied them to a lesbian romance story. A win-win in my book. Before You Say I Do reminded me a lot of Hitch combined with The Wedding Ringer (Kevin Hart). It revolves around a woman who will be your maid of honor (for a price), but what you’re actually getting is an insider who will help you with every step of the way — taking pressure off of you and allowing you to enjoy your wedding and relax a bit. Sounds great, right? That is until she ends up falling for one of the brides-to-be.

This story was uber cute with lots of moments in it that had me smiling ear-to-ear. The scene where they go to the driving range had some Serendipity vibes (one of my all-time favorite movies) but was even cuter since she was actually showing her how to drive the ball. Every scene that had Abby and Jordan in it was electric and you could really feel the connection and the energy that they had as a couple even before they were a couple.

As the book progressed, I knew there was going to be some tension and some scenes where I thought it might never work but I have to hand it to Lydon, they did a great job making me believe it might not ever work. A few times I thought “there’s no way she’s going to end it like this”. Thankfully, I was wrong, but man, I really wasn’t sure a few times.

Overall, a great romantic comedy, this book was funny and cute while also tugging at your heartstrings.

Book Description:

Before You Say I Do

What happens if you fall for your bridesmaid?

Abby Porter has a high-flying job and the perfect fiancé in Marcus Montgomery. But Abby’s world turns on its head when he hires a professional bridesmaid to help her in the run-up to the wedding. When Abby meets Jordan, she can hardly breathe.

Marcus is oblivious.

The wedding is weeks away. Now the only question is: will Abby make it to the altar?

Best-selling author Clare Lydon brings you a romance to top them all in this story of forbidden love and lesbian romance.

Before You Say I Do by Clare Lydon
Narrator: Justine Eyre
Length: 7 hrs and 18 mins
Published by Podium Audio on October 13th 2020
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
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