Ben Lovejoy 11-9

 A wonderful technothriller lost in the details

2.5 out of 5 stars

The narration for this was done by Chris Abell and he does a wonderful job even though the story wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be.  This is my problem — I will probably rate this a 3 on audible JUST because of the narration.  And Abell will get a 5 for his performance because it was perfect for the story.

My biggest problem with this story was that it was just way too detailed.  I’m not an aviator or a plane buff, and there were times when I found myself wondering if even someone who loved planes or flew them every day would be bored with the detail that Lovejoy went into.  There were times when I wondered if I’d gotten a manual on how the inside of a plane worked, not a “fast-paced technothriller”.

With that being said, there were scenes after the painfully detailed inner workings of a plane that were a really nice mixture of thriller and technothriller, but they felt too few and far between for my likes.  I really don’t like leaving negative reviews because I know that someone put their heart and soul into this book — and as a

I really don’t like leaving negative reviews because I know that someone put their heart and soul into this book — and as a reviewer, I have the power to turn people away from it.  But, I think that Lovejoy could have employed an editor that could have helped him realize that all the technical details took away from an otherwise good storyline.

Everything that Lovejoy wrote about the terrorist plots to the actual attacks I found to be incredibly interesting and thought-provoking, but it was really muddled into the details of the plane crashes.

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Nine-eleven was the world’s worst terrorist atrocity.

Julian Fox intends to change that fact.

The planning will take months.

The attack will take just two minutes.

Nine-eleven involved four airliners, three buildings, and 3,000 deaths. What Fox is planning will down 1,300 airliners, devastate countless city centers, and kill around half a million people.

His method won’t require a single hijacker, just 23 lines of computer code.

Sarah Green is an aviation risk analyst in the Department of Homeland Security. Her job is to out-think the terrorists: identify weaknesses in airline security arrangements, figure out how those weaknesses might be exploited, and get protections in place before the terrorists get their chance.

Neither knows the other exists, yet the two are locked in a race that only one of them can win.


Ben LovejoyBen Lovejoy is a tech writer turned technothriller author. His novels start with an impossible premise (a terrorist attack bigger than 9/11 without a single hijacker, stealing a billion dollars in cash), reveal a plausible plan and take the reader on a non-stop journey of twists & turns along the way.


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