Prepper's Crucible

Exactly what they were prepping for happened… now what?

4 out of 5

A team of preppers has been preparing for different scenarios, not because they think they will happen, but because they’re afraid it could.  Well, they were right.   Two nuclear devices were detonated in the atmosphere causing everything electrical to stop working.  Aka, an EMP has gone off.  Follow this group of survivors as they try and get to their camp and survive once they’re settled in.

Narration for this was done by Kevin Pierce.  I know nothing about Kevin, but I feel like he is a prepper himself — I could be totally wrong, but he just had the perfect voice for this book.  He had an air of authority like some of the characters needed, and a very “matter of fact” tone to his narration (which is how the book was written too).  Kevin definitely added to the story with his narration.

Okay, Prepper’s Crucible was good.  Don’t get me wrong there.  I’m really glad that this was an omnibus edition.  If the book had ended where any of the “episodes” or whatever the author is calling them, I would have been livid.  Even with that being said, the books just kind of ended.  No real plot conclusion, just people doing what they can to survive.

The characters were believable to an extent.  Some of them fit the actual “prepper” image that most people would have while others seemed to be going along for the ride.

The interactions between the team and outsiders was a little rough, but I think that the author meant for it to be that way.

I really do like these survival stories, but this one just fell slightly flat for me.  I think because barely anything happens.  Sure, there was some action, some gunfights, and the likes… but it just felt like these people weren’t challenged enough or something like that.

This book was hard for me to rate because I liked it, but I just felt like it could have been more.  Apparently, there is a book 4, but I’m not sure what will happen in it that hasn’t happened in the first.


Audiobook: Prepper’s Crucible: Omnibus (Prepper’s Crucible #1-3) by Bobby Andrews (Narrated by Kevin Pierce)four-stars
Prepper's Crucible (Omnibus) by Bobby Andrews
Narrator: Kevin Pierce
Length: 6 hrs and 56 mins
Published by Self Published on December 30, 2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Prepper
Format: Audiobook
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The omnibus edition of Prepper's Crucible is a compilation of the first three books of the series. It begins when our group of preppers flee Phoenix, Arizona, in route to their ranch in Prescott, in the wake of an EMP that wipes out all power, transportation, and telecommunications networks. Once there, they hunker down until the threat of violence forces them to defend themselves and their neighbors. In a series of battles, culminating with and attack on the town by over 200 gang members, they manage to survive the first month following the EMP.
©2015 Bobby Andrews (P)2015 Bobby Andrews

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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