A Top 10 That Can Be Interpreted Many Ways

So… I’m going to do just that.  Here are 10 books I Can’t Believe I Read for various reasons.  I started off not knowing if I could get 10.  I could probably write ten more if I wanted.  Let me know what you think — I’m curious to read all of yours too and see what angles everyone else took.

Sci-Fi Cover, But Really A YA/Romance Novel

I enjoyed Gravity – it was a Sci-Fi book at heart, but definitely a YA borderline romance book.  But what can you expect?  They’re young and in love!!!  On the other hand, I could. not. finish. Edge of Darkness.  I re-re-read the synopsis to make sure I was thinking of the right book — there is still no mention of romance or vulgar sex in it.  I’m still a little bitter about that one. ZDate was one of the first audiobooks I ever picked up.  I think I got it from a Goodreads free audiobooks group I belonged to.

Guilty Pleasure (Thanks to Fixer Upper)

I didn’t realize these were both New York Times Bestsellers.  Seriously, I bought them because I absolutely love Fixer Upper.  I think they are genuine people who actually give a crap.  These books both made me feel good and are nothing like the other books I normally read.  BUT, I loved them anyway.  If you want to see my reviews you can see Capital Gaines and The Magnolia Story by clicking on each title.

A Dating Guide/Book?

Modern Romance was so much more than a guide to modern romance.  There are still things that I think about from this book (the part about how people met 70 years ago compared to how people meet now and what the means for our romantic landscapes).  I bought this because… Aziz Ansari.  I’m a comedy fan (HUGE stand-up fan) and I bought it on that.  I was listening to podcasts a lot then and I heard an interview about it.  I was intrigued.  But this is apparently aimed at millennial singles out there.  Which I am not.

I Love Comedy

If you read this far, you noticed that I said that I love comedy.  Well, I really do.  Almost any comedian that I know, I’ll buy there book.  Anna Kendrick is a little bit of an outsider here, but she’s still funny as hell and her book had people looking at me weird when I drove to work and listened to it.  Each book listed here is funny and unique in its own way.  Ellen’s Seriously… I’m Kidding put a smile on my face during a dark time in my life.  Anna’s Scrappy Little Nobody might be one of the funniest books I’ve read because she doesn’t take herself seriously. And Mike Birbiglia’s is tragic… but in a funny way (I both read and wrote that in Mike’s voice).

A Book That Gave Me My First (And Only) Angry Email

(It’s on this list because it was the hardest narration to finish I’ve ever actually finished).

I don’t know how much I’ll actually write here, but now that I know (thanks to Joe Hempel) how Beacon takes advantage of the authors who write for Severed Press I don’t feel as bad.  I wrote my review (view it here) of this book.  I didn’t like the narrator, it was a bad choice.  The book was good.  I wrote exactly that as flowery and nice as I could.  It still got me hate mail from someone at Beacon and they told me I would never review for them again.  FUNNY STORY: a year or so later — it’s re-recorded and the new narrator is much better (still not the right choice for the book in my opinion, BUT 100 times better than the other narrator).   My defense again was — the narrator was a bad choice for the story, not a bad narrator.  There’s a difference.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can’t Believe I Read

  1. It’s always a good idea to mix up your genres but it bugs me too when a big is marketed as something other than what it actually is. And, wow, you got hate mail for that review?! I’m glad I didn’t end up with a review copy because I am not always so kind with the words when a book or narrator fails me!

  2. I’ve been loving everyone’s interpretation of this week’s topic!! I haven’t read Sleepwalk with Me, but I’ve heard some of Birbiglia’s stand up on episodes on This American Life. He is very funny, and who doesn’t LOVE Ellen?!

    1. Birbiglia is an amazing storytelling standup — so this book was basically a written comedy special (most of it he covers in numerous specials) but it was still special and a fun read.

  3. Your choices of comedy, as one who loves comedy is really great i must admit. I will be checking out Aziz and Annas books for sure. Ellen on the other hand has a tv show so i feel like i already know her views on so many other things. Intresting too by the way, your approach to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, books i can’t believe i read. You said it well, “for various reasons.”

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