“Build a Future We Want to Live In”

5 out of 5 stars

If you’re not familiar with the Analog world that Peper has created – you are missing out.  The world feels so insanely real it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Something that I don’t think I noticed before this book is that Peper has this sort of poetic way of writing.  Not to say the book reads like poetry (not at all) but it’s more of this refined read.  There are no wasted words. I enjoyed that a lot and I almost want to go back to the other books just to hear it again.

When I used to read on my Kindle (more than I listened to audiobooks) I would highlight lines that stood out to me.  Now that I listen to audiobooks I don’t often do that.  Well, with Breach, I did it a lot. I would pause the audio, open the book, and find the line I’d just heard.  There were so many great lines that Peper created that I had to call that out. Here are a couple of examples:

“Emily loved learning. Which was why she hated high school.”

“Diplomats are people who murder you politely.”

“The only value money has is the value we believe it has.”

“…private property isn’t an actual thing, like granite or gravity. It’s just something we all agree to, like not cutting in line.”

See what I mean? That’s some awesome stuff up there.

Breach is able to cover so many topics that I can’t cover them all here.  Nor do I want to since I think that you need to read the series and the book to find them all. Peper is able to weave these intricate worlds that would make Black Mirror producers salivate. It feels like you’ve stepped into the future, but one that feels like we’re already there.

Overall, I’m not shocked at all that I loved Breach – but wow did I fly through it. From the opening fight club scenes to the last monologue from Emily – this book spoke to me. Every once and a while you’ll get a new book and you just have to read it.  That was the way I felt about Breach – and not only did I have to read it – I had to finish it as fast as possible.  Peper wrote another near perfect novel and I will be telling people to check out this book and series for a long time. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next.

On a total side note – I wish that I taught high school English or even Social Studies – or knew someone who did, because I feel like this series would be a perfect “in-class” reading assignment.  Kids are given these old texts that don’t mean anything to them – I think that this would be perfect for today’s new generation of social media users and future decision makers.

Book Description:

Breach (Analog #3) by Eliot Peper (Narrated by Sarah Zimmerman)five-stars
Breach by Eliot Peper
Narrator: Sarah Zimmerman
Length: 7hrs
Series: The Analog Novels #3
Published by Brilliance Audio on May 14th 2019
Genres: Technothriller
Format: Audiobook

A hacker is drawn out of hiding and into an epic geopolitical showdown in the frighteningly plausible conclusion to Eliot Peper’s critically acclaimed Analog Series.

When you’ve betrayed your revolutionary cadre, an off-grid fight club on a remote tropical island is a good place to hide - or die.

For notorious ex-hacker Emily Kim, the outcome of each fight makes little difference. Black-market blood sport is the perfect self-imposed penance. But when she stumbles on a plot to overthrow the corporate empire that provides the ubiquitous global feed, Emily discovers her old friends have been targeted. Warning them will force her out into the open, back on-grid, and directly into danger. Emily can’t escape the past. But can she seize the future?

Emily’s quest for redemption spirals into an all-out shadow war. What constitutes justice in a world run by algorithms? The feed - and Emily - must be reinvented. Or destroyed.

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