Pandemic Diary

A  depressingly true look at life coping with a pandemic

3 out of 5 stars

Pandemic Diary is a story about coping.  Coping with loss or almost loss.  Coping with this new illness that is killing off citizens.  Coping with yourself.  It’s a unique point of view in the pandemic fiction that is out there.

The narration done by Erin deWard was nothing short of perfect for this book.  Her performance really gave this book wings and allowed it to take on another emotional level.  When the main character was depressed (most of the story) Erin’s voice was depressed too.  Just one of those performances you wish for as an author.

This may be one of the most depressing books I’ve ever read.  It reminded me of the movie The Weatherman in that aspect.  It just kept getting darker and darker.  But, unlike the movie I mentioned, this did have some redeeming things happen to the main character.  Saying what or just how redeeming would take away from the story.  Just know, if you’re reading this novel–hold on, it will get better.

There were many scary moments–well not scary necessarily, but definitely hair-raising and freaky.  The narration is done from the point of view of a surviving mother who’s husband has quarantined himself in the shed/playhouse outside their house.

This is one of those books that is hard to review, this one on two fronts.  One being I cannot say much without giving away the entire book.  And two, I really didn’t know WHAT to think of it until the final chapters.

Now, with the word pandemic in the title, I did expect a little more description of the pandemic that is harming everyone.  Not just some sentences here and there that explain the aftermath.

Overall a very slow going, depressing book that I’m glad that I read/listened to.  If I’d stopped halfway through, I wouldn’t have liked it.  Having finished it, I’m glad I didn’t stop.


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