I read more book in 2017 than ever before, so this year was much harder than I expected. I picked a top 3 and then I narrowed the rest down by genre. Please, comment below and let me know what you think and also what your favorite(s) of 2017 were.  Curious about last year? See 2016’s best here.

Without further ado here are my Best of 2017 Audiobooks

Best Audiobook of 2017:

Commune by Joshua Gayou

Runner-Up (Basically Tied for 1st):

Solitude by Dean M. Cole

Third Place:

The Naturalist by Andrew Mayne

Best Audiobooks of 2017 by Genre:



The Laptev Virus by Christy Esmahan |The Pandemic Series by Bobby Akart (Books 1, 2, 3, 4)| Hot Zone by Steven Konkoly



The Genesis Code by Lisa Von Biela | The Switch by Joseph Finder | All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai

Agent G: Infiltrator by C.T. Phipps



One Man’s Opus by Boyd Craven | Descent & Retrograde by Tom Abrahams


Hell Divers & Hell Divers II by Nicholas Sansbury Smith | Mass Hysteria by Michael Patrick Hicks

Science Fiction


Retrograde and Anomaly by Peter Cawdron



Villains Rule by MK Gibson | Zombie Bigfoot by Nick Sullivan



A Murder on Wall Street & A Murder On Long Island by Owen Parr | The Deep Dark Descending by Allen Eskens

The Embalmer by Vincent Zandri



Primordial by David Wood & Alan Baxter | Xibalba by David Wood


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  1. I’m delighted to see MASS HYSTERIA make your Best Of 2017 list, Brian. I’m glad this book stuck with you! Joe Hempel did a fantastic job, and it’s wonderful to see that recognized. Much obliged, sir. Thank you for all your support.

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