Buffalo Bayou Audiobook Cover

Buffalo Bayou Audiobook Cover

One I Won’t Soon Forget

5 out of 5 stars

Buffalo Bayou isn’t anywhere near my first Tom Abrahams book, but it’s definitely the first in this genre. The benefit of reading an author I enjoy is that going into it, I know what to expect. But it being a new genre it’s all “new”. Abrahams absolutely crushes this genre and I wouldn’t be surprised if this book is the first of many that he writes. As with most of his other stories, he likes to write about the Houston area since that’s where he’s from and you can really feel it in the way that the city is talked about. The city becomes another character instead of just a backdrop to the story. Buffalo Bayou couldn’t have been transported to another city and feel realistic. It’s the way Houston is written about that makes it feel like such a part of the story.

I realized pretty quickly that this one was going to be a hard review to write. Not because it was a bad story, but because it was such a good one that all of the twists and turns make it spoiler-ridden if I try to talk about any of the major things going on in the book. I can’t even compare it to the other story that it reminded me of since it’ll be a bit of a spoiler itself. Just know that you’re getting all of the good things that Abrahams is known for but with the darkness-meter turned up to 11.

In Buffalo Bayou, Abrahams shows off a darker side that he alludes to and maybe even talks about a bit in some of his Post-Apocalyptic stories – but in this, the darkness is front and center. One of the main characters is easily one of the darkest individuals I’ve read about in any book. Definitely up there with the enemies that Battle faces in the Traveler series.

Overall, an excellent story from an excellent writer. One I won’t soon forget.

I thought Jason Culp did a great job becoming Druitt and his narration was well-done for this style of book. In the beginning, I had a hard time getting used to his cadence but that quickly fell away. I did want to call out that the opening and closing voice didn’t say Abrahams’s last name right, or the name of his publishing company, Piton Press. Something that the casual listener won’t notice but something that got me (maybe it was the producer?) I’m glad that Culp didn’t have similar issues throughout the book.

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Book Description:

Buffalo Bayou Audiobook Cover

Detective John Druitt is new to homicide. His first case is a young woman found in an urban bayou. He immediately sees clues that lead him places he doesn’t want to go. But his own demons may be the clue to solving the mystery of the woman’s death. And as the case widens, so do his new partner’s suspicions about his past and motivations.

Buffalo Bayou is a dark, psychological thriller perfect for fans of Michael Connelly, Karin Slaughter, and James Patterson.

Buffalo Bayou by Tom Abrahams
Narrator: Jason Culp
Length: 7 hrs and 58 mins
Published by Audible Studios on October 19th 2021
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Noir
Format: Audiobook
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