Chemistry Lessons Audiobook Cover

Chemistry Lessons Audiobook Cover

An Adorable Friends-To-Lovers Story

5 out of 5 stars

I honestly went into this one without reading any of the synopsis. I saw Jae and Abby Craden and I was in. Now, looking at the description I see it’s a friends-to-lovers book, and wow was it a cute one.

Jae has this ability to write stories that just resonate with me. I’m not sure why, but they always seem to jump off of the page and really take root in my heart. Chemistry Lessons was no different. I think it’s funny that early on they do a “chemistry experiment” to see if there’s a spark there. Just three dates among friends who already see each other all the time and basically do everything together. There are obviously no feelings there…right?

I think that the scenes where they were flirting around with the idea of it working but then shutting it down really added to the “will they” aspect of this book. I could sense the chemistry and it seemed like they were looking for that spark. But what they didn’t realize earlier on was that the spark had always been there – they just thought those were “friendly” things to do.

Jae’s Chemistry Lessons was an adorable story that I absolutely flew through. Exactly the kind of cute and sweet book I wanted and needed, especially in these dark times. Abby Craden, of course, kills the narration of this one. She was perfect and made an already great book even better.

Book Description:

Chemistry Lessons Audiobook Cover

A beautiful friends-to-lovers lesbian romance about taking risks and figuring out that sometimes the perfect person has been right in front of you all along.

Kylie and Regan have been best friends since kindergarten, supporting each other through thick and thin.

While everyone thinks they would be perfect for each other, they insist there’s no chemistry between them – and Regan should know since she’s a chemistry teacher.

To prove it, they agree to a little chemistry experiment: They’ll go on three dates with each other.

So what if their gazes start to linger and accidental touches no longer feel platonic? They chalk it up to the romantic atmosphere – until a friendly good night kiss turns passionate.

Can their friendship go back to the way it was before? Do they even want it to? Or will they risk losing what they have for a chance at love?

Contains mature themes.

Chemistry Lessons by Jae
Narrator: Abby Craden
Length: 6 hrs and 30 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on February 1st 2022
Genres: Friends to Lovers
Format: Audiobook
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