Cibola by David Wood

Another Home Run Adventure Novel

4.5 out of 5 stars

Cibola introduces us to Jade Ihara (a staple in later books) and it didn’t go the way that I expected it to. Leave it to Wood to write me a story (especially since I’d read further books in this series) that just blew my mind when it came to Jade. This book did revolve around Jade quite a bit but it was still definitely the Dane and Bones show.

Their back and forth banter and ability to play off of each other in any situation really make these books for me.  They always crack me up and Cibola was no different.

The story (and legend) in this was awesome.  I’ve heard of this one but the way that Wood writes it out.  The people and organizations that he picks to be the antagonist are so topical it’s ridiculous (even years after this was written and recorded).

If you have enjoyed any of the other Dane Maddock stories or if you’re just a fan of Adventure novels – Cibola will definitely be a winner for you.

Jeffrey Kafer is the perfect voice for this series – I know that I’ve listened to quite a few since these original books came out, but Kafer just crushes it.  He’s able to voice Dane and Bones in just the perfect way.  Especially the way that they play off each other.

Book Description:

Cibola (Dane Maddock #2) by David Wood (Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer)four-half-stars
Cibola by David Wood
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 7 hrs and 43 mins
Series: Dane Maddock #2
Published by Gryphonwood Press on December 22nd 2011
Genres: Adventure

It is 1539. In a remote Spanish outpost, one man holds the secret to the greatest treasure and deadliest secret in human history.

Utah, present day: Cave paintings in a newly-discovered Indian site provide evidence that Christ visited the New World. Or do they?

Dane Maddock returns in another unforgettable adventure! When Dane rescues beautiful archaeologist Jade Ihara, he joins her on asearch for the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola. Cibola takes the reader on a journey across the American southwest, where the ruins of the mysterious Anasazi hide deadly secrets, and foes lurk around every corner. Dane and his partner, "Bones" Bonebrake, must decipher clues from the fabled Copper Scroll, outwit their enemies, and be the first to unlock the secret of Cibola.

Take another thrill ride with Dane Maddock.

Also by this author: Quest (Dane Maddock #3), Amber (Dane and Bones Origins #7), Treasure of the Dead, Xibalba (Dane Maddock #8)
Also in this series: Quest (Dane Maddock #3), Xibalba (Dane Maddock #8), Loch, Dourado


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