Cold As Hell Audiobook Cover

Cold As Hell Audiobook Cover

Well Then, That Was Awesome

5 out of 5 stars

The VERY first thing that jumped out to me about this book, and it was hard to miss, was the narration. Specifically the narrator. If any of you have spent the amount of time I have playing Red Dead Redemption 2 – you’ll know the voice jumps out at you right away. I’m not saying this is like an RDR2 continuation or anything, but it definitely helps that Roger Clark – aka Arthur Morgan is narrating the story. He’s obviously done way more than just RDR2 in his career, but to hear him narrate this weird western really helped it jump off of the page.

Now, this is not my first book by Bruno and Castle. I’ve been a fan of theirs for some time and I always seem to enjoy the grittiness and well-told stories that they are able to release. I think they are able to play off of each other’s strengths. I also like that you cannot tell that it’s written by two authors. They write so well together that their books, including Cold As Hell, come off as one cohesive piece.

It’s going to be hard to talk much about the plot points in this since it’s a series and I don’t like to spoil things – but just know you’re in for it when you pick this one up. This one blew my socks off. I expected it to be one thing but it was MUCH more than that. I was surprised in the best way possible.

Bruno and Castle really left it all on the table with this one. Cold As Hell is their best work yet. Really blowing my expectations, which were already sky-high, away like I was in a dual and forgot my gun.

Overall, Bruno and Castle did it again. Writing a gritty, noir-esque, weird western that jumped off of the pages with Clark’s narration. A book I won’t soon forget and one that I can’t wait to find out more about what happens within the series.

Book Description:

Cold As Hell Audiobook Cover

In the West, there are worse things to fear than bandits and outlaws.

Demons. Monsters. Witches. James Crowley’s sacred duty as a Black Badge is to hunt them down and send them packing, banish them from the mortal realm for good.

He didn’t choose this life. No. He didn’t choose life at all.

Shot dead in a gunfight many years ago, now he’s stuck in purgatory, serving the whims of the White Throne to avoid falling to Hell. Not quite undead, though not alive either, the best he can hope for is to work off his penance and fade away.

This time, the White Throne has sent him to investigate a strange bank robbery in Lonely Hill. An outlaw with the ability to conjure ice has frozen and shattered open the bank vault and is now on a spree, robbing the region for all it’s worth.

In his quest to track down the ice-wielder and suss out which demon is behind granting a mortal such power, Crowley finds himself face-to-face with hellish beasts, shapeshifters, and, worse…temptation. But the truth behind the attacks is worse than he ever imagined.…

The Witcher meets The Dresden Files in this weird Western series by the Audible number one bestselling duo behind Dead Acre.

Cold as Hell by Jaime Castle, Rhett C. Bruno
Narrator: Roger Clark
Length: 12 hrs and 51 mins
Series: Black Badge #1
Published by Blackstone Audio on May 24th 2022
Genres: Noir, Thriller, Western
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: The Luna Missile Crisis, Baron Steele, Dead Acre, Titanborn, The Collector

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