Episode Five of Convergence (Out on the Fringe Podcast)

4 out of 5 stars

If you’re unfamiliar with serialized fiction – it’s the idea that you take a story and separate it out into episodes – like a TV show.  These are usually released on a website or as a podcast. I’ll be reviewing each episode separately as they come out to provide an episode by episode review of the story. Read my reviews of Episode OneEpisode Two, Episode Three, Episode Four.

Some of my reviews may contain spoilers to past episodes – I’ll try and keep that to a minimum but I can’t guarantee anything.

Best line from this episode: “Doctors rank right up there with heights in terms of enjoyment”.

Episode Five sees a severely damaged and almost dead MC wake up not sure where he was or what was going on. We’re given some vague information (as he recounts what happened to him) and his host tells him what they did to revive him along with keeping him alive. He knows that this couldn’t or wouldn’t come without a cost and really doesn’t mince words when he tries to figure out why.

We’re given an even bigger turn of events when we find out that the person responsible also has his only child. Not much happens outside of some catch up to who the healer is and why she helped him – along with some information about what has happened since he was out (for 3 days).

The episode ends when things start to take a turn and get interesting. Episode 6 should definitely be action-packed from the way that 5 ended.

Overall, a “filler” episode but one that was definitely needed. If I were reading this as a normal book (not episodically) then these two chapters (one episode) wouldn’t have bothered me since it is completely needed to move the story along. Even in this format, it didn’t bother me – just wanted to point out that you will be begging for the next episode once it’s done. (Thankfully by the time I was able to read it – I only have to wait 1-2 days).

Book Description:

Convergence: Episode Five by Michael Patrick Hicks (Narrated by Travis Baldree)four-stars
Convergence Episode 5 by Michael Patrick Hicks
Narrator: Travis Baldree
Length: 45 mins
Series: Convergence #5
Published by Serial Audio on February 2nd 2019
Genres: Science Fiction

Memories are the most dangerous drug.

Jonah Everitt is a killer, an addict, and a memory thief.

After being hired to kill a ranking officer of the Pacific Rim Coalition and download his memories, Everitt finds himself caught in the crosshairs of a terror cell, a rogue military squadron, and a Chinese gangster named Alice Xie. Xie is a profiteer of street drugs, primarily DRMR, a powerful narcotic made from the memories of the dead. With his daughter, Mesa, missing in post-war Los Angeles, Everitt is forced into an uneasy alliance with Alice to find her.

Mesa’s abduction is wrapped up in the secrets of a brutal murder during the war’s early days, a murder that Alice Xie wants revenged. In order to find her, Jonah will have to sift through the memories of dead men that could destroy what little he has left.

In a city where peace is tenuous and loyalties are ever shifting, the past and the present are about to converge.

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