Sometimes Clinging To Hope Is The Only Option

4 out of 5 stars

One of the opening lines “When I Thought Things Were Getting Better… I Was Wrong” was so perfect for this book. It really sets the tone and keeps the tensions high. Dark Hope is the fourth book in the Still Surviving series and it throws the family into some more conflict (this time from the finale of book three).

Craven is able to tell a story that feels similar since this is a series but also takes a slightly different approach. Due to some news that Wes is given, perspectives are changing and there is more to live for.  That, of course, doesn’t stop Wes and Raider from running into the fire without a suit. They are born leaders who don’t want to sit behind a desk and rule. They want to be out there fixing things. Making things better. And turning the hellscape of a world into a slightly less scary one.

The drama was still here. The KGR connections are in full swing and there is a lot of issue related to the group and their members.  Every time they think they’re safe more bad things happen and Wes and company take things into their own hands to take care of the issues.

Overall, another good book in this series and a nice post-apocalyptic/homesteader book with the right amount of action and drama. A book that feels like home even if home is bit of a scary place sometimes.

Book Description:

Wes and Raider have found themselves in the thick of things once again.

The KGR are hitting back relentlessly and, with Jessica’s group feared to be wiped out, the homestead falls into a quiet panic.

Paranoia is running rampant, and rightly so: there’s a mole who has been working for Spider in their midst.

After learning more about how the KGR operate, and where some of their caches are, Wes’s group goes on the offensive.

Everything changes with Jess’s revelation; they know they have to keep the pressure up to keep their freedom.

Even with Spider’s taunting and the knowledge that he has more moles planted within Wes’s inner circle, the group pushes on.

They are outmanned, outgunned, and running low on supplies.

It’s time for them to become even more unconventional.

Wes has to go back to his roots to come up with a plan to not only flush out the traitors, but to put a major hurt on their foes.

The group has underestimated the ruthless nature of the KGR and is thinking they are finally getting ahead of their enemies, when Emily starts to unravel.

There’s hope, but will that dark hope be enough for everyone to still survive?

Dark Hope by Boyd Craven III
Narrator: Kevin Pierce
Length: 5 hrs and 43 mins
Series: Still Surviving #4
Also by this author: One Man's Opus, The World Burns (The World Burns #1), Opus Oddessey, Blackout (Still Surviving #1)
Also in this series: Blackout (Still Surviving #1), All Dark, Darkest Days (Still Surviving #3)

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