Fast-Paced & Interesting

4.5 out of 5 stars

This isn’t the first Nicholas Harvey book I’ve checked out – but it is the first full-length one that’s just from him. Similar to how I’ve heard of his characters from other authors (specifically Nick Sullivan). But diving into this one – even in the first few minutes, I was absolutely hooked. Harvey starts with an introduction that feels sort of random – but then the action is on. Similar to lots of horror movies there is a person livestreaming a kidnapping – and if they don’t do things then things happen to the kidnapped person.

Obviously one of the benefits of basing a novel in the Cayman Islands is the scenery. And it’s on full display here. There was lots of talk about the setting and how beautiful it was. I’m writing this review while watching the typical March snowstorm near Buffalo NY – so it was a nice escape for me (even with the action going on).

I enjoyed the in Deadly Sommer action that Harvey took here – taking me on an adventure with Nora while she was trying to save the kidnapped woman – solving puzzles along the way. I thought that Harvey did a great job including action while also building up who Nora Sommer was. It’s probably the most unique way I’ve been formally introduced to a character, but I liked it.

Sommer was great – her attitude and overall vibe were probably my favorite part of this entire book. She’s just fun and interesting to follow. I knew within the first few minutes that it was going to be a ride with her driving and I was right.

Add in the narration/performance by Kim Bretton and it was a book I very much enjoyed. Fast-paced and interesting along with being set in a beautiful area. Can I ask for me? Not really!


Book Description:

One missing girl. Two lives on the line. Four treacherous challenges.

Nora Sommer’s first case for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is one she’ll never forget – if she survives.

When the daughter of a wealthy businessman is taken, Nora is first on the scene and unwittingly “chosen” by the kidnapper. With the crime live-streamed across the internet, the eyes of the world are upon her as she faces a sequence of difficult challenges with the life of the kidnapped girl hanging on Nora’s success – or failure.

Deadly Sommer is the thrilling first book in the Nora Sommer Caribbean Suspense series.

Deadly Sommer by Nicholas Harvey
Narrator: Kim Bretton
Length: 8 hrs and 12 mins
Series: Nora Sommer #1
Published by Self Published on September 9th 2021
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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