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Rising Moon by Wayne Stinnett

Rising Moon by Wayne Stinnett
Narrated by Nick Sullivan
Down Island Press

On Grassy Key, things aren’t as idyllic as they seem. The quiet, sleepy community has been awakened. A young woman with strong ties to the community is missing.

A local craftsman, the last person to see the girl, is questioned and released. The girl’s friends are interviewed. Nobody knows what happened to Cobie, except that she left for work one day and didn’t arrive. The only lead is the girl’s car, parked where she worked. But it provides no clues, and nobody saw anything.

Days go by. Then weeks. The case grows cold.

The employer of the girl’s mother knows Jesse McDermitt, a retired Marine and reputed government spook. Jesse leans on people the way only he can and soon finds there is a lot more to the abduction than anyone knew.

Does he find the missing girl? Does he survive what he uncovers? Find out in this 19th novel in Wayne Stinnett’s wildly popular Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure series.

Unfit by Karma Chesnut

Unfit by Karma Chesnut
Narrated by Nathaniel Ascher
Immortal Works

Nearly a century has passed since the world was devastated by pandemics and wars that wiped out over 90 percent of the Earth’s population. To assure the survival of mankind, the leaders of the rebuilt city of Haven are breeding a better human race: meaning those deemed too stupid, too weak, too poor – too “unfit” – are arrested and forcibly sterilized.

John Hunter is a penniless, self-educated young man from the wrong side of Haven struggling to make something of himself to provide for his wife and their hopes of starting a family. Until the authorities show up at his door and arrest him for the crime of being “unfit”. Heartbroken and humiliated, will John abandon his aspirations and resign himself to quietly accept his fate?

The Labs by Ramona Finn

The Labs by Ramona Finn
Narrated by Alexandra Hunter
Relay Publishing

She survived the virus and the Acceptance trials. But can she survive the lies?

Tylia Coder is the bridge between worlds. Born of the GEOs underground, she’s one of only two known victors of the Acceptance trials – a survival contest that promises to prevent infection from the GM virus that nearly wiped out humanity, decades ago. Now with precious antibodies in her blood, she may finally hold the key to finding a cure.

Leaving her dark home in the GEOS behind as well as her blossoming relationship with Skylar Two, Tylia is determined to invoke change as she moves up to the Greens – an area in the Labs with floating sky cities, bright lights, and lush forestry. But the life she envisioned living here is far from the reality she faces on arrival.

Access to information is restricted. Questions she asks are left unanswered. Communication with her family in the GEOS is cut off. And someone’s spreading lies about the Rejs, a group of outlaws living on the surface, who now claim her as one of their own.

Worst of all, members of the Farrow family are tormenting those who threaten their way of life. And when Tylia is overheard defending the Rejs, the Farrows set their vicious sights on her. To shield herself from yet another “accidental death” in the labs, she has no choice but to accept a partnership proposal from the only Farrow willing to befriend her: the too-perfect Ben.

But Tylia soon realizes she’ll need to act fast if she’s to save not only herself and her loved ones in the Rejs and the GEOs, but what also remains of the human race.

In the Ground by Jeff Carson

In the Ground by Jeff Carson
Narrated by Sean Patrick Hopkins
Cross Atlantic Publishing

In the brand-new pulse-pounding mystery from a number one Amazon best-selling author, David Wolf faces a disturbing case unearthed in the far reaches of the county.

When diggers at a high altitude surface mine exhume the corpse of one of their workers, the Sluice-Byron SD is called to the scene. Upon arrival, detectives find answers are hard to come by, but one thing’s for certain — they are looking at murder.

David Wolf, now acting interim sheriff, is finding this second time around running the show less desirable than the last, so when a spot opens up in the investigation, he wastes no time jumping into the action.

The case pulls Wolf and his team to the outlying town of Dredge, Colorado, and to an unknown satellite deputy named Piper Cain. As the case heats up, Cain manages to crack her own way into the case, and just maybe into Wolf’s life.

But danger lurks beneath the surface in these far outreaches of the county, and Wolf will learn those responsible for the death are willing to go all the way to keep their secret buried.

The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series surges ahead with another adventure mystery thriller that will keep you listening to the final sentence.

A Clean Kill by Craig Martelle

A Clean Kill by Craig Martelle
Narrated by Chris Abernathy
Self Published

Killing a bad man is easy, as long as it’s a clean kill.

Ian Bragg is thrust into a world in between. An operator AND a manager. Can he teach morality to professional hit men?

Know when a target needs to be taken down and when to walk away.

What happens when operators get together? One place. One time. Will any of them live to see a new day?

Jenny works to keep Ian sane just until she gets in the line of fire. Ian unleashes on his new reality, changing the world by his force of will alone.

Ian Bragg. A hitman with a conscience. Buy the second book in this explosive new series today.

Night Rain, Tokyo by John W. Feist
Narrated by Michael Kramer
Winter Wheat Press

Diplomacy, danger, and desire collide when Brad Oaks pursues an ingenious international trade proposal that would rescue a family steel business and secure a scarce natural resource for the US. Is it a powerful idea or just a pipedream? New to the Washington, DC, lobbying scene, Brad’s pursuit of a solution to this political issue takes him from DC to California to Tokyo as he seeks to thwart an international plot to sabotage America’s infrastructure.

Brad has a plan to ease the bureaucratic red tape that’s derailing the Wishbone Pipeline project that’s so crucial to his client, Elgar Steel. After a close call with a bullet from a sniper’s rifle and the death of the owner of Elgar Steel, Brad is thrown into a tumultuous power struggle that finds him flying off to Tokyo to meet Amaya Mori, a previously unknown heir to the family business.

Brad is powerless to resist this Japanese woman’s sophistication, intellect, and beauty. Just as Brad and Amaya have found each other, the pair finds that they are targets of yakuza criminals who are in league with Iran. This faction is determined to claim the Elgar Steel inheritance and unleash their evil plan against the US. Will Brad be able to save the woman he loves and secure the future of the family business?

The Campaign by Tracey Richardson

The Campaign by Tracey Richardson
Narrated by Lori Prince
Tantor Audio

Vice President Jane Kincaid is up for reelection alongside President Dennis Collins. Of immeasurable help and comfort to her is her lover, Secret Service Agent Alexandria Warner and her sister/campaign manager, Corey Kincaid.

Even though she’s planned for a tough fight, the campaign’s equilibrium is threatened by the rumor that Collins is about to be engulfed in scandal. The news comes from Julia Landen, a reporter assigned to the campaign and Alex’s ex-girlfriend. Jane wants her campaign to stay above the mire, but Corey and Julia grow increasingly obsessed with Collins’s problems – and they spend more and more time together. Not happy to have her ex underfoot, Alex shares Jane’s concern about the burgeoning romance.

On the eve of the party convention the scandal explodes on the front pages, gutting the viability of the Collins/Kincaid ticket. Everyone suspects dirty tricks and Alex undertakes an investigation – but any evidence she finds won’t change the fact that Jane is once again standing on the edge of history. This time winning and losing both come with infinite consequences.

The Event by Whitney Dineen

The Event by Whitney Dineen
Narrated by Tiffany Morgan
Tantor Audio

There’s a reason Emmeline Frothingham left her hometown of Creek Water, Missouri, as soon as humanly possible. That reason is small-minded, judgmental people who wouldn’t know the truth if it was coughed up on them like an errant fur ball.

After graduating from college, Emmie gets her dream job in New York City. As the head buyer at Silver Spoons – a high-end boutique – and single girl about town, her life is ideal. That is, until the night of The Event, her company’s annual awards ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nerves plus too much tequila leave Emmie dealing with a wicked hangover, the unemployment line, and a surprise to end all surprises.

Facing the repercussions of her wild night, Emmie is forced to go home to work in her family’s business. But her return puts her dead in the sights of the gossipy country club harpies who drove her away in the first place.

Will Emmie make peace with her past and embrace the love of her family? Will she discover that the man who seems to be judging her most has a secret of his own? Find out in this deliciously fun romantic comedy, sure to put a smile on your face!

Tents, Trails, & Turmoil by Tonya Kappes
Narrated by Johanna Parker
Tantor Audio

Mae West knows tourism and nothing stops tourists like a dead body found in the Daniel Boone National Park.

Unfortunately, Yaley Woodard, a local tour guide, is found dead at Happy Trails Campground. Mae is determined to put her amateur sleuth skills to investigate along with the help of the Laundry Club gals.

But when Yaley’s past ends up being tied to forest trails and local Joel Grassel, Mae realizes Yaley’s death has caused much more turmoil than she’d originally thought – and the killer might want to close the tourism in the Daniel Boone National Park for good.

Authentically Mexican by JP Brammer

Authentically Mexican by JP Brammer
Narrated by JP Brammer
Audible Originals

¡Hola Papi! columnist John Paul Brammer’s Authentically Mexican is the hilarious and heartfelt story of his Mexican American family in diaspora, exploring his heritage and identity through six meaningful meals.

Many Mexican American families bond over traditional foods and recipes: sweating over steaming tamales at Christmastime, chopping up vegetables for pozole, prepping tortillas with a splintery wooden block and roller. This was not the case for John Paul Brammer. His parents barely cooked, and when dinnertime rolled around, he could often find his mother and grandmother fighting over whether to dine at Pizza Hut or Golden Corral. Years later, when John Paul began to explore the role that food plays in his life, he soon realized that, while it may be unusual, he did have a culinary tradition all his own: no matter the circumstances, the story of a family can be told through the recipes and meals that have sustained it, the meals we come back to eating, time and again—for nostalgia, for comfort, for a deeper kind of sustenance.

The perfect next listen for fans of Samantha Irby and R. Eric Thomas, this unforgettable personal essay is full of both laugh-out-loud moments and poignant observations about what it means to celebrate your heritage and culture “authentically,” wherever you are—from Mexico City’s Día de Muertos parade to the Taco Bueno drive-thru in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Spoils of War by Terry Mixon

Spoils of War by Terry Mixon
Narrated by Dina Pearlman
Podium Audio

They thought they could force her to conform. They were wrong.

Inside a dystopian school in the Singularity, the 12-year-old girl known as One Twenty-Four struggles to survive. Failure to conform means death at the hands of her teacher. Assuming her clone sisters don’t kill her first.

The Terran Empire has tasked Imperial Marine Lieutenant Grace Tolliver to lead her platoon into the Singularity as a privateer. Her mission: to tear a great bloody strip off their enemies and to take anything that isn’t nailed down. The collision of this unlikely pair will change the humanity in ways that no one could predict. If they survive.

Author’s note: This novel takes place more than five centuries before the Empire of Bones series, and the events unfolding here have implications there.

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