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Extinction Red Line by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Tom Abrahams

Extinction Red Line by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Tom Abrahams
Narrated by Bronson Pinchot
Blackstone Audio, Inc.

The official prequel and origin story of the best-selling Extinction Cycle series!

One marine’s end is the beginning of our extinction….

For a dozen years, villagers along the ancient Da River in Vietnam have feared a nightmarish creature who hunts and consumes human flesh. Only in whispers do they mention its name, The White Ghost.

To the United States military, this creature has a different name – Marine Lieutenant Trevor Brett, the chemically engineered experiment gone wrong that they will do anything to hide. Sole survivor of his platoon, Brett has stalked the jungle for prey for over a decade. But the men who made him into a monster are searching for him, and when they find him, the line between hunter and hunted will be blurred.

Overlord by David Wood, Alan Baxter

Overlord by David Wood, Alan Baxter
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Tantor Audio

What lurks beneath the ice?

Marine biologist Sam Aston is hired to explore a series of subterranean caverns deep beneath the Antarctic. Somewhere within this lost world of magnificent caverns and underground seas lies a source of limitless clean energy, but something guards this treasure.

As enemies bent on obtaining this world-changing resource for themselves close in from above, Aston and his team plunge further into the depths and discover they are not the first to come this way…and they are not alone.

As the death toll mounts, Aston and his companions are forced to uncover secrets hidden far beneath the ice. Danger lurks at every turn as they face the deadly threat of the Overlord.

Mega 4: Behemoth Island by Jake Bible

Mega 4: Behemoth Island by Jake Bible
Narrated by Neil Hellegers
Tantor Audio

Running from the world, their ship crippled, their supplies dangerously low, Team Grendel follow Ballantine’s lead to a promised paradise. A place where they can hide and regroup, rest and plan the next step in their lives.

If only life were so simple.

Within hours of arriving at their idyllic island, Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III quickly realize that once again they have been thrust into a nightmare of gigantic proportions. One might say it is a behemoth of a bad dream!

Giant dinosaurs! Man-eating plants! Cannibal cavemen with a hunger for fresh meat! Behemoth Island puts Team Grendel in the middle of Hell and doesn’t let up until the beaches are covered in blood and the jungles are burning!

The Angola Deception by DC Alden

The Angola Deception by DC Alden
Narrated by Andrew Kingston
Double Tap Press

Billions will die. Governments will fall. A new world order will rise.

The illuminati, the deep state, Agenda 21 – to most people, they’re nothing more than conspiracy theories, but Frank Marshall knows it’s all real. And the former Navy SEAL knows what’s coming next: the murder of three billion people.

They call it the Angola virus, a lethal pathogen born not in the squalor of an African prison, but in the germ-free laboratories controlled by the Committee, a powerful group of global elites who have shaped world events for decades. Now, they’ve decided to reboot humanity ,and Angola will make it all possible. Unless Frank can stop them.

From the mean streets of Harlem to the burning deserts of Iraq, from a rundown estate in South London to the barren peaks of the Swiss Alps, Frank will have to travel fast and use every military skill he possesses if he is to stay one step ahead of the hunter teams and save the world from decimation.

Because speed is everything. And the clock is already ticking.

Living Proof by Peter J. Thompson

Living Proof by Peter J. Thompson
Narrated by Gary Tiedemann

Government secrets. Biological weapons. Human subjects.

In a top-secret complex surrounded by miles of Texas scrubland, the United States military is working on a new form of germ warfare. Taken from homeless shelters and prisons, the subjects, discarded men and women of America, serve their country as unwilling lab rats.

Ramon Willis didn’t commit the murder that put him on death row. But he’s guilty of something worse – surviving the virus and escaping his captors. Knowing he can’t take on the corrupt system alone, there’s only one person he can turn to – Lena Dryer, the reporter who covered his case and watched him die.

With assassins dogging their trail and all their options for survival closed off, they must risk everything to bring this conspiracy to light. But time is short. When an extreme faction in the government pushes forward with the next phase of their plan, the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

The Disasters by M. K. England

The Disasters by M. K. England
Narrated by James Fouhey

The Breakfast Club meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this YA sci-fi adventure by debut author M. K. England.

Hotshot pilot Nax Hall has a history of making poor life choices. So it’s not exactly a surprise when he’s kicked out of the elite Ellis Station Academy in less than 24 hours. But Nax’s one-way trip back to Earth is cut short when a terrorist group attacks the Academy.

Nax and three other washouts escape – barely – but they’re also the sole witnesses to the biggest crime in the history of space colonization. And the perfect scapegoats.

On the run, Nax and his fellow failures plan to pull off a dangerous heist to spread the truth. Because they may not be “Academy material”, and they may not even get along, but they’re the only ones left to step up and fight.

Full of high-stakes action, subversive humor, and underdogs becoming heroes, this YA sci-fi adventure is perfect for fans of Illuminae, Heart of Iron, or the cult-classic TV show Firefly and is also a riveting thrill ride that anyone – not just space nerds – can enjoy.

Andorra: The Leah Chronicles by Devon C Ford

Andorra: The Leah Chronicles by Devon C Ford
Narrated by Kate Reading
Podium Publishing

In a world where there are no rules, there is no greater hero than a 17-year-old girl.

Life at the fortified town of Sanctuary is calm. The people, with their fearless leader at the helm, have created a haven where they can live out their lives in peace and safety.

But it hasn’t always been this way. There were battles and losses along the way, and victory usually came at a price.

With the younger generation coming into their own, it’s time for Leah to pass on all she has learned over the years. Time to tell the stories of how the world became the way it is…starting with the highwaymen of Andorra.

131 Days by Keith C. Blackmore

131 Days by Keith C. Blackmore
Narrated by John Lee
Podium Publishing

Strength. Honor. Death.

Once every year, in the city of Sunja, gladiators meet within the arena known as Sunja’s Pit. Some men enter for the lure of fortune, some for the fame, and some simply for the fight. The games continue for days until a champion is finally crowned. Or until all involved perish.

Four companions struggle to change their lives in and out of the arena as it becomes clear that to be a Free Trained pit fighter is to live with a mark on one’s head. And not everyone is pleased to learn of their plans, as the four warriors soon discover that the path to establishing a formal presence in the games, after the season has started, is infinitely more difficult than expected. All the while, unseen forces watch, waiting for the best time to strike at the companions and take everything that they have.

This is blood sport at its finest.

At its worst.

At its longest.

Meteor by Jerry Dawson

Meteor by Jerry Dawson
Narrated by Joe Hempel
Tantor Audio

Alien meets Jurassic Park in this fast-paced science fiction thriller.

When an ill-fated NASA project causes an extrasolar meteor to hit a small Pacific island, people rush to blame the agency for a mysterious death on the island. Under social media pressure, NASA sends David Anderson to the island to investigate the death and vindicate the agency.

But Anderson is not the only newcomer to the island.

More people are dying. Anderson and his team must figure out what is killing everyone before they, too, become victims. But how do you stop a killing machine that keeps evolving?

Wrath of Angels by M.A. Larkin, J.S. Morin

Wrath of Angels by M.A. Larkin, J.S. Morin
Narrated by Leslie Howard
Magical Scrivener Press

She started a quest to free mankind from the departed angels’ dogma. Instead, she delivered mankind for judgment.

The awakened angels took no time in reasserting themselves as the dominant species in the universe. As galactic powers vie for control of the angels’ battleship, the angels show them how inferior human technology is. As Rachel Jordan looks on helplessly, furious angels take out their wrath on the sinful human empires that sprang up in their absence.

The only ones spared the angel’s judgment? The Redeemers.

Rachel doesn’t want to live in a universe where those zealots are the standard of piety. But how can she defeat an enemy that ruled humankind with iron wings for millennia?

Wrath of Angels is the fourth book of Sins of Angels, an epic space opera series set 3,000 years after the fall of Earth. With the scope of Dune and the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones, Sins of Angels delivers a conflict that spans galaxies and rests on the spirit of a single brave researcher. Follow the complete saga, and watch as the fate of our species hangs in the balance.


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