Excellent Storytelling

5 out of 5 stars

I am continuously surprised and blown away by the storytelling ability of Nick Sullivan. The best part about a narrator becoming an author is they know how to write AND perform the story. Nick’s been doing this for multiple books now, but every new story in The Deep series has gotten better and better. The way Sullivan can intertwine his local (and researched) knowledge of these areas with his knowledge of diving is tough to beat.

Deep Hex is a bit of a slow build, but once it starts up, it STARTS UP. Sullivan really packed quite a bit into this one. Having me trying to figure things out early and guessing what the heck was going on multiple times. I love when a book can baffle me this much, even after reading multiple books by Sullivan himself. He’s still able to keep me guessing.

I think the heart and soul of these books are the humor, though. Sure, they have the Michael Bay stuff blowing up and the masterful storytelling. But the heart of these characters, especially Emily, is their ability to make jokes and the most inappropriate time. It breaks me every time. The ability to do that and not bring me out of the story is nothing short of masterful.

It’s getting harder and harder to give any info about these books without any spoilers, but just know that even though it’s a new island. Boone and Emily are in for it in Deep Hex. And if you’ve read every other book in this series – you’re in for a treat. Another home run for Sullivan. I couldn’t put it down.

Book Description:

A new home can bring new friends…new adventures…and new dangers.

Boone Fischer and Emily Durand have settled down in the Turks and Caicos—specifically, the picturesque island of Grand Turk. But a chance encounter with a dive boat from a nearby island leads them to pull up stakes again, if only temporarily. The couple take the Lunasea across to South Caicos—The Big South—an island with a rich history…not all of it virtuous.

An unidentified body discovered in an underwater cave system may have been the victim of a murder, but the manner of death is bizarre. Boone and Emily find themselves in the ensnared by events once more, but resolving this mystery may come at a steep price.

Deep Hex by Nick Sullivan
Narrator: Nick Sullivan
Length: 9 hrs and 51 mins
Series: The Deep #6
Published by Wild Yonder Press on March 28th 2023
Genres: Thriller, Sea Adventure
Format: Audiobook
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