Deep Water by Watt Key

Deep Water by Watt Key

A YA Survival Tale

4 out of 5 stars

Deep Water was one of those palate cleansing books. I needed an easy read and something that would keep my attention. This book definitely provided that as I ended up sitting down to start listening to it and ended up reading the entire book.

The story in this one has a lot of different similarities to lots of different media. The most obvious one is the plot of “Open Water” but in this circumstance it’s teenagers that are left behind – not adults. And that makes this a little bit more intense. It covers a lot of topics in really interesting ways including trying to fit in, dealing with divorce, and obviously survival (along with thoughts of not making it).


You can tell that Key has a lot of knowledge about SCUBA diving and the different parts of the water. The scene when they cross over a specific line (trying not to spoil) was fascinating and I know it’s a real place, but the way it was described was still fun to read.

Key does a good job making the characters different enough that you are rooting for them for different reasons. I also found it interesting that as the book progressed, even though I was pretty sure I knew how it was going to end – it kept taking different twists and turns that I couldn’t really guess how it was going to end. I won’t spoil the ending and let you know if it’s good or not, but I was pleased with how it ended and honestly a bit shocked.

I thought that Karissa Vacker’s narration was great – she really embodied Julie and was able to bring her story to life more than just reading it to me.

Also, I like the audiobook cover – but the Kindle edition cover really shines for me.

Book Description:

Deep Water by Watt Key

It’s the most important rule of scuba diving: If you don’t feel right, don’t go down.

So after her father falls ill, 12-year-old Julie Sims must take over and lead two of his clients on a dive miles off the coast of Alabama while her father stays behind in the boat. When the clients, a reckless boy Julie’s age and his equally foolhardy father, disregard Julie’s instructions during the dive, she quickly realizes she’s in over her head.

And once she surfaces, things only get worse: One of the clients is in serious condition, and their dive boat has vanished – along with Julie’s father, the only person who knows their whereabouts. It’s only a matter of time before they die of hypothermia, unless they become shark bait first. Though Julie may not like her clients, it’s up to her to save them all.

Deep Water by Watt Key
Narrator: Karissa Vacker
Length: 4 hrs and 40 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on February 2nd 2021
Genres: Suspense, YA
Format: Audiobook
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