Silence’s Rogue Journey

5 out of 5 stars

Erik Carter’s Don’t Speak takes a slight departure from the first seven stories, breaking away from his usual ‘hired hitman’ role, Silence finds himself confronted with unexpected challenges when he inadvertently stumbles upon a problem during his journey home. This change in dynamic sets the stage for an enthralling listening experience that captivates from start to finish.

The absence of a clear-cut objective for Silence adds an intriguing layer to the story, allowing readers to witness his transformation into a rogue/vigilante figure who takes matters into his own hands (which is clearly against the Watcher’s code). This shift in his character’s motivation opens doors to new dimensions of his persona, keeping me engaged and invested in his personal journey of evolution.

Carter’s storytelling prowess shines through in Don’t Speak, as he masterfully weaves a web of intrigue and suspense around a cast of characters that range from the morally ambiguous to the outright despicable (even this term doesn’t feel like enough). The gradual revelation of the characters’ darker sides keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, urging them to discover the full extent of their sinister intentions.

What truly sets Don’t Speak apart is the skillful construction of an intricately layered town and its inhabitants. The town itself feels like a character, contributing to the overall atmosphere of mystery and suspense. As the story delves deeper into the heart of the community, the underbelly of its existence gradually emerges, exposing both the virtuous and the nefarious residents. Carter’s narrative acumen shines as he orchestrates an enthralling dance between Silence and the diverse townsfolk, making each encounter a significant piece of the puzzle – and adding to the exhilarating feeling was the timeline (because of the rogue-like nature of the story).

The unpredictable elements that emerge throughout the story keep listeners guessing at every turn. From unexpected allies to unforeseen adversaries, the surprises are both well-crafted and expertly executed. This unpredictable nature infuses the audiobook with a sense of excitement, ensuring that Silence’s journey remains unpredictable and engaging and until the last moments of the audiobook I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with Silence and The Watchers next.

Overall, combined with the narration from Gary Bennett (who nails Silence in every book) made this one stand out in the sea of thrillers and suspense books. It feels familiar but different and I absolutely love that.

Book Description:

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No more secrets. No more lies.

Driving home from a mission, vigilante assassin Silence Jones stumbles upon a small community in despair—and he’s more than willing to lend his deadly skills to their fight.

What begins as random encounter soon plunges Silence into a web of lies that has threatened generations of innocent people. To eradicate the suffering, Silence will have to rely on both time-honed skills and newfound allies.

But with the impending arrival of an even deadlier foe and questions still unanswered, will Silence be able to put the clues together before it’s too late?

The next stand-alone action thriller in the pulse-pounding series. Enter the world of Silence Jones. Hold on tight….

If you like action heroes with the steely resolve of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the calculating will of Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X, and the raw power of Mark Greaney’s Gray Man, then you’ll love Silence Jones.

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Don't Speak by Erik Carter
Narrator: Gary Bennett
Length: 5 hrs and 52 mins
Series: Silence Jones #8
Published by Self Published on August 11th 2023
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Deadly Silence (Silence Jones #0.5), The Suppressor, Hush Hush, Tight-Lipped
Also in this series: Deadly Silence (Silence Jones #0.5), The Suppressor, Hush Hush, Tight-Lipped

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