This Series Keeps Getting Better

5 out of 5 stars

Great Book, Story, Cover, and Narration
Could you ask for more?

Dragon King Charlie is the third installment of the Dragon Mage series that seems to get better and better with every new book.  Scott Baron is quickly becoming one of my favorite Fantasy authors since his stories are funny along with being a fun time. This story picks up just where book two finishes up and we’re thrown directly into the action.

This book has a lot of time spent where they ended up at the end of book two (trying not to spoil) but ends a lot different.  The ending of this was by far my favorite so far. I feel like the story could end here, but I’m almost positive it will not. Baron sort of tied things up – but also left it open for more as well. It was one of those books in a series that feels complete – while also leaving the door open for more (compared to stories where it’s obvious there is a lot more left and just ending on a cliffhanger).

I think Dragon King Charlie might have been the funniest book in the series and I’m not even sure if Baron tried to make it that way or if it was just natural now that the characters are built out and understood. The story is probably the best too. We’re given a nice amount of set up and understanding and a lot of action as well. It doesn’t ever feel boring or drawn out, which I really enjoyed.

Overall, a great addition to the series and easily one of my favorite Fantasy authors, series, and stories. Add in the great narration of this book and the series by Gary Bennett and you have a winner.

Take a look at that cover art. How gorgeous is that. The crown on top of Charlie is the ultimate kicker for me. It just makes it the perfect image for this book.

Book Description:

Charlie thought building a spaceship had been tough, so being king should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it was like a cake made of cement. Hard to swallow, and just might kill him.

It was good being king, or so Charlie had believed. After an abrupt crash arrival, people had finally stopped trying to kill him – for the most part, anyway – and his new subjects respected him. Or feared him. It was sort of hard to tell, what, with the ginormous dragon who had eaten the previous king standing right behind him.

In any case, Charlie was now ruling this realm as best he knew how. And it all seemed to be going well. But he worried it wouldn’t last, and just his luck, word of a strange new threat soon reached his ears. A threat that might even have a bit of magic on their side. Of course, that was impossible on this non-magical world, but he had begun to accept that the impossible seemed to follow him wherever he went, like a hungry dog lurking in his shadow.

Faced with an unseen enemy, Charlie had to not only keep his friends safe, but the people who looked up to King Charlie as well. It was going to be a hell of a task, and the spaceman from Earth only hoped he was up for the challenge.

Dragon King Charlie by Scott Baron
Narrator: Gary Bennett
Length: 9 hrs and 35 mins
Series: The Dragon Mage #3
Published by Self Published on December 13th 2019
Genres: Fantasy
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: Bad Luck Charlie, Space Pirate Charlie, Magic Man Charlie, Daisy's Run
Also in this series: Bad Luck Charlie, Space Pirate Charlie, Magic Man Charlie,



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