Dungeon World Drifters by Craig Hamilton, Tao Wong

Who Knew Guarding A Train Could Be This Awesome?

4.25 out of 5 stars

Dungeon World Drifters is an excellent follow-up to the first book in System Apocalypse – Relentless series, which I eagerly anticipated. The main character, Hal Mason, stood out in both books for his professional and efficient approach to his work, utilizing his skills and abilities rather than being overpowered. I think this makes him more “believable” while also slowing the story’s progress (instead of just overpowering each enemy like I did when building out any RPG character doing all side quests first.)

Tao Wong and Craig Hamilton strike an outstanding balance in their writing styles. Dungeon World Drifters’ pacing is well done, keeping me engaged throughout the story, even in a book that almost eclipses 15 hours. The plot centers around Hal guarding the first train to cross the new wildlands of the American Midwest. Dungeon World Drifters is full of action, humor, and enjoyable surprises that add depth to the story.

Shamaan Casey knocks this one out of the park (as always); his deep and smooth voice lends itself to particular circumstances. And fortunately, the entire Dungeon World Drifters book is one of those circumstances. He was able to take a really enjoyable book and make it even more enjoyable.

Overall, this sets up nicely for future installments, and I’m eager to see where the series goes next. While also setting up this specific story’s place within the larger Apocalypse universe. It was a story and a performance that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I can’t wait to dive into future stories.

Book Description:

Dungeon World Drifters by Craig Hamilton, Tao Wong

The hunter becomes the hunted

Bounty hunter Hal Mason is doing well for himself, a year after the System converted Earth into a lawless, apocalyptic Dungeon World.

Now, though, old friends have come calling with a new opportunity and with it, the murky politics of Galactic interests and overlapping contracts. Hal must protect the first train to cross the new wildlands of the American Midwest.

Broken terrain, monsters, Galactic renegades, and even System enhanced weather all plague the journey. With pressure building from external forces, hidden agendas threaten to tear the expedition apart from within.

Will Hal persevere or will he be consumed by the System?

Dungeon World Drifters is the second book in the System Apocalypse – Relentless series. Set in the same universe as Tao Wong’s best-selling post-apocalyptic LitRPG, the System Apocalypse, it’s another glimpse into what humanity will do when the chips are down and the monsters are crawling from the shadows.

Dungeon World Drifters by Craig Hamilton, Tao Wong
Narrator: Shamaan Casey
Length: 14 hrs and 55 mins
Series: System Apocalypse - Relentless #2
Published by Starlit Publishing on October 31st 2022
Genres: Fantasy, LitRPG
Format: Audiobook
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