Ebola K Audiobook Cover

Ebola K Audiobook Cover

The Story Continues With Terrorism… and Hope.

5 out of 5 stars

If you haven’t read the first book, there are a few spoilers within this, due to the presence of characters that are in peril within the first book.  I try my hardest to keep my reviews clear of spoilers, but couldn’t write a good review/synopsis without some small ones.

Follow Austin, his prepper dad, step-mom, his government employed sister, and one of the terrorists from the first Ebola K book on a roller coaster through emotions, feelings, and pure craziness.  These characters that Bobby Adair developed in the first book will be pushed to their limits in this story, and you as the reader/listener will be taken along for the ride.  This fast-paced thriller is the sequel to Ebola K, and is like reading/listening to three or four-books-in-one following each characters story line.

Adam Verner voices the narration for this sequel to the first book.  As with the first, the narration was perfect. No issue with pacing, enunciation, or style.  He is incredibly easy to listen to and adds a “feeling” to this book that I don’t think you would get reading it on your own.  Verner’s narration really does add something and if you are on the fence of whether to grab the book or audiobook—I would lean towards the audio. His reading adds to the fast pacing already in the book and make you feel like you are there in the action.

The second book is almost twice as long as the first, and I’m really happy about that.  Bobby Adair writes from the point of view of 3 or 4 different people, and you feel for each one of them.  I like a book that’s written this way because I feel it allows the reader to feel the story from different angles.  Adair did his research for this book.  Not a moment passed where I thought “no way” or “that couldn’t happen.”   I’m happy to read a bio-thriller from someone who isn’t a doctor but is well researched and feels legitimate.  The science scenes were informative, not boring.  The action scenes felt out of a movie, and the thriller scenes made me gasp for breath a few times.  I was actually holding my breath until the characters were okay or at least out of danger for the present moment.

When I finish an Adair book, I’m usually gasping for breath trying to figure out what just happened while dealing with the fact that the story just ended.  This was similar, but had a nice ending in comparison to typical Adair books (see my reviews for both Ebola K and Slow Burn).  I’m usually upset the books are over (and more upset that they ended so quickly), but I am ALWAYS glad that I read another Bobby Adair book.

Book Description:

Ebola K Audiobook Cover

The Ebola virus in Kapchorwa has mutated into an airborne strain. Terrorists have infected themselves with this new strain and are making their escape from Uganda, bent on spreading the deadly disease to Western countries. The CIA is fighting to stop them while the Department of Homeland Security prepares a country for the coming pestilence.

Austin Cooper, left for dead by the terrorists, now finds himself in a country falling apart under the strain of a pestilence that is ravaging its population. But his father, back in Denver, believes Austin is dead and must make his fatal choices for dealing with a coming Ebola pandemic while grieving for his lost son.


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