Winter is long, gray, and seemingly neverending in Buffalo.  So, a good book is my favorite way to get through.  (I also love the snow, so ignore my overly dramatic intro).

Here are 11 books that are on my Winter TBR pile.

Some Bio-Thrillers, Pandemic Books, and overall “lots of people die” books

Affliction by Tom Abrahams – This one has been on my radar for far too long.  I’m going to be reading this SUPER soon (probably even before this post even publishes).

Pandemic by Robin Cook – Ironically, Affliction and Pandemic are about similar things – but Robin Cook has never let me down, so I’m going to check this one out.  He’s one of the “big boys” I don’t mind splurging on to read their next book.

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry – What is, a book I’ve heard nothing but good things about? Patient Zero.  Also, the entire Joe Ledger series. I’m going to really try and check this one out this winter.

“Cli-Fi” aka Day After Tomorrow-esque books where the world is ending but because of climate change or major weather-related events

The Flood by David Sachs – “When the flood hits, America’s East Coast is evacuated by every means possible. Trains, buses, and an unending line of cars head inland. All manner of boats and ships aid in rescues along the docks of New York.” – I mean how good does that sound?

1/2986 Publishers Pack by Annelie Wendeberg – This one has been on my radar for a while and when I saw that Podium had done it, I quickly added it to my queue.

Blackstone is killing it this year – here are 3 books from them that I can’t wait to dive into

Fletch’s Fortune by Gregory McDonald Blackstone getting the rights to this series has easily been one of the highlights of my 2018 reading adventure.  I’m so glad I started this series.

Michaelmas by Algis Budrys – A book set in the near future with a supercomputer. It has an “Elon Musk” feel to the main character.


Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys – The only repeat on here – Blackstone has been publishing Budrys’ work this year and they all sound so damn interesting I have to pick them up.

Thrillers, Thrillers, and more Thrillers

Sandfire by Andrew Warren and Aiden L. Bailey – Warren has been saying great things to me about Bailey for some time, so now I get to see how the two of them write together. I’m sure this one’ll be great.


Eavesdrop by Ian Coates – I’m hoping this one is a good Technothriller – it sounded really enjoyable so I added it to my list. 


Kill Switch by Willam HertlingThe second book in this series.  I loved the first one.  It’s obvious why I’m checking out the second in this series.


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  1. I see the Joe Ledger series is on your list. Jonathan Maberry is a great author, the Joe Ledger series is great. His Pine Deep series is really good as well. Since this is an audio site, I will say the audio books are near perfection. I have done both, read and listened. Ray Porter is Joe Ledger. I promise you will enjoy these books, give them a try.

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