End Game Was Good and Bad

3 out of 5 stars

The world as we know it is ending. Earthquakes and extreme weather are becoming more and more frequent. Countries are closing their borders, food shortage is becoming a big problem and the only way for people to survive is to get a place on the Arks the government are building. Dee was told she will get a place on her companies ark, but it’s apparent that that isn’t going to happen. How is she going to survive?

This book was extremely frustrating to read. On one hand, I enjoyed the idea behind it and the author does a great job with the world building and making the whole thing feel like something that could happen. But on the other hand, there’s Dee. While I did like her for the most part, I just found some of the stuff she did a bit stupid. Plus there is a very unnecessary love triangle.

I liked that Dee was intelligent, willing to bend the rules to help others and an all round likable girl, I just found the idea of her love life silly and the way she acted was something that brought her character down. I mean, what was the need to have her in a relationship with 2 men and those two men seemingly ok with it. I want to say a lot about this but I will spoil something! I generally loathe love triangles, though there are a few I can abide because the girl handles it well, but this one just made me want to stop reading. Plus something happens and Dee ends up with someone different way too easy and too soon and that really annoyed me. She started off such a strong character but ended up weak in my eyes.

In all, this is an ok read, (once you get past the love triangle that is). It shows a bleak future that is plausible in this day and age. The plot is slow and doesn’t really get going at all, but being book 1 I was kind of expecting it. This is more setting the scene for the next book. I really hope Dee gets her stuff together in the future books and becomes the strong character I hoped she was.

Laura Bannister read this well. She had a few tones and voices for the different characters, though I wanted more emotion from her. I think if she put more into her performance, it would have been perfect!

Book Description:

Audiobook: End Game (Calm Act #1) by Ginger Booth (Narrated by Laura Bannister)End Game by Ginger Booth
Narrator: Laura Bannister
Length: 9 hrs and 54 mins
Series: Calm Act #1
Published by Self Published on December 14th 2017
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 319
Format: Audiobook
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Time ran out on climate change.

Super-storms. Government surveillance and breakdown.

Tech whisperer Dee Baker seeks safety.

Because the climate science was almost right. It was already too late. Weather disasters spin out of control. Food prices skyrocket. Refugees spill everywhere, including Americans fleeing the dust bowl, floods, and hurricanes.

Congress has a plan, the Calm Act. Its public face is martial law. The secret measures are worse.

Dee's job provides her classified access to the truth. They promise her an ark berth, secure in a sealed biosphere. But she doesn't trust them to deliver. She's also dating Adam, a fun ark-itect, and Zack, who plans to organize the community and take a stand outside the arks.

In this apocalyptic adventure, set in the Northeast, ordinary people face a mounting climate crisis, and a government that seems to have betrayed them.

Dee needs a plan. Because the storms won't wait.

If you enjoy vivid characters, compelling world-building, and page-turning action, you'll love this first book of Ginger Booth's day-after-tomorrow Calm Act series.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

About the Author:

Ginger Booth is a writer and programmer. She’s worked in the seismic industry, semiconductor electronics, academic research in biology and environmental science, and online teaching simulators. She lives in shoreline Connecticut, with crops spilling out the balconies and down the driveway


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