End of the Cyber Dragons C.T. Phipps, Michael Suttkus

A Fitting Finale

5 out of 5 stars

End of the Cyber Dragons by C.T. Phipps and Michael Suttkus is a breathtaking conclusion to a trilogy that has consistently delivered high-octane cyberpunk drama, and this final installment is no exception. Chefs kiss. No notes. Catherine Ho helps immerse listeners in the gritty, neon-lit world of Keiko “Kei” Springs as she confronts her darkest challenges yet.

From the very beginning, this audiobook hits the ground running, picking up right where “Revenge of the Cyber Dragons” left off. The stakes are higher than ever, and Phipps and Suttkus masterfully escalate the tension and excitement without sacrificing the depth and complexity of their characters. Kei’s quest for revenge against her former mentor, Snake, drives the narrative with relentless energy and introduces new layers to her character, revealing her struggles and growth in the face of unimaginable odds.

The story brilliantly navigates the intricate web of cybernetic enhancements, rogue AI, and shadowy corporate politics, making every twist and turn feel both surprising and inevitable. The central theme of conflict—between personal desires and moral obligations—resonates deeply, giving the action-packed tale a poignant undercurrent that engages the mind and heart.

Catherine Ho’s narration deserves special mention. Her ability to capture the essence of Kei, bringing out her vulnerabilities and iron resolve, adds an extra dimension to the storytelling. Ho’s performance enhanced the immersive experience, ensuring I was glued to my headphones from start to finish.

End of the Cyber Dragons is not just a revenge story; it’s about redemption, resilience, and the difficult choices one must make in the pursuit of justice. Phipps and Suttkus have done a remarkable job of weaving humor (who’s surprised), action, and deep emotional truths into a satisfying conclusion that not only meets but exceeds the expectations set by the previous books.

For fans of the series, this finale is a must-listen, offering a thrilling ride that concludes the journey of Kei and her companions in a memorable and fulfilling way. Newcomers to the trilogy will find themselves compelled to explore the earlier books, drawn in by the rich world-building and compelling narrative that defines this standout cyberpunk saga.

Book Description:

End of the Cyber Dragons C.T. Phipps, Michael Suttkus

Revenge is all she has—or is it?

A year has passed since the disastrous Elysium massacre that left Keiko “Kei” Springs traumatized and hungry for revenge against her former mentor, Snake. However, going after the world’s second most powerful man is not as easy as it sounds. Kei must make a series of deadly alliances and navigate the complicated web of politics that will give her a chance to take him down. But will going after him destroy the family she’s managed to build?

Experience the final exciting chapter of the Cyber Dragons trilogy!

Includes a bonus short story, “Old Wounds Never Heal.”

End of the Cyber Dragons by CT Phipps, Michael Suttkus
Narrator: Catherine Ho
Length: 8 hrs and 43 mins
Series: Cyber Dragons #3
Published by Podium Audio on February 20th 2024
Genres: Cyberpunk, Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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