Definitely Made Me Think Twice About My Energy Drinks

4.5 out of 5 stars

Energy Drink tells a story of a seemingly boring guy working for a boring insurance company.  He’s stuck in a “thing” (read not a relationship) with the girl of his dreams and isn’t going anywhere with his normal work out routine.  His coworker offers him a can of Mayhem – an energy drink that he promises will help him get better in the gym. Miller decides to take just half to see what it’ll do for him.  What follows is a crazy tale and one that surprised me.

I love a good short story – especially one that’s as well written and performed as Energy Drink is. I could tell it was quickly building towards something interesting, I just couldn’t guess exactly what it was going to be. That was fascinating to me.  That I knew the book was ending in a couple of minutes and I still couldn’t exactly guess how Chateau was going to end it.

Overall, I thought that the writing was well done, the suspense was there, along with the intrigue. Chateau kept me guessing til the bitter end and even then threw me for a loop.  Aaron Shedlock also did a great job performing this book.  I enjoyed listening to it and thought he added to the story with his narration.

Book Description:

Energy Drink by Jonathan Chateau (Narrated by Aaron Shedlock)four-half-stars
Energy Drink by Jonathan Chateau
Narrator: Aaron Shedlock
Length: 1 hr and 11 mins
Published by Self Published on November 10th 2016
Genres: Horror
Format: Audiobook

Energy Drink is a supernatural thriller about the price of vanity and those who are willing to sell it.

Miller is frustrated.

Hours at the gym and nothing to show for it. But once a coworker introduces him to RECRUT, a sports energy drink that guarantees results, the gains come quick.

It isn't long before Miller attains the godlike physique he's always wanted. Unfortunately, these 12 little ounces come with a side effect - a high price he never expected to pay.

And the more RECRUT he drinks, the more his world begins to unravel, uncovering a sinister side of himself he never knew existed.


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