Enter the Dampire

Enter the Dampire

Enjoyable Story Kept Me Interested

4.5 out of 5 stars

One of the things I like most about audiobooks is the ability to find new authors to read and listen to. Enter the Dampire is exactly like that. I’ve never heard of or read anything by Joshua Griffith, but I can tell you this, after this book I’ll be checking more stuff from him out. His writing style drew me in from the first lines and kept me there with a combination of intrigue, great character building, and old-fashioned plot-work.

Enter The Dampire was a novel that had me laughing as much as it had me “looking away”. It’s a great combination of writing styles that when you combine them, turns this into a really interesting book.

The first thing I noticed about this book was just how good the performance by Victor Warren was. The story pulled me in quickly but Victor Warren’s narration kept me intrigued. He’s able to voice each character in a way that makes them interesting but also so that as a reader I know who is who.

Overall, an enjoyable book that I’m glad that I picked up. One that I will continue the series if it comes to audio and if Warren narrates it.

Book Description:

Enter the Dampire

Xander Bane. The diminutive antihero you never knew you needed.

Xander Bane, a half-breed of a vampire and a demon, has been around for more than 300 years, and in that time he has been scorned by everyone with whom he crosses paths. Known infamously from the Fae War as the Abominable Butcher for his brutal killing style, Xander uses his skills working for the Assassin’s Guild. Word spreads that he has broken the Vampire Pact, an accord struck at the end of the war that forbids all vampires from feeding on sentient beings, and now he’s being pursued by the Peacekeepers of Le’orn, a fanatical group of mages tasked with enforcing all pacts and agreements.

Will Xander’s cunning save him from the mages, or will he end up with his head on the chopping block?

Enter the Dampire by Joshua Griffith
Narrator: Victor Warren
Length: 6 hrs and 1 min
Series: Xander Bane Chronicles #1
Published by Self Published on November 30th 2020
Genres: Fantasy
Format: Audiobook

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