Kilby Does It Again

5 out of 5 stars

Entropy (thankfully this one is easier to spell than entanglement) is the continuation of The Belt Series by Gerald M. Kilby.  In book one, we find out about Quantum Intelligence and inter-QI communication.  In book two we’re thrown into the same world but with so much more going on now.

The team is supposed to be out doing research on their research vessel when they’re called back to perform a transport.  Needless to say, things don’t go as planned and the description from here would be a complete spoiler.

Just know that you’re in for a lot of close calls, shooting, and overall awesome and fun space adventuring.  There is a cute storyline or two thrown in there for good measure (and I thought they were both well written.  Kilby has this way of writing a book I’m interested in and one that is great Sci-Fi but also just a great story.  You could transport these people anywhere in the solar system and it would still be a good story.

The new things introduced (things and people) were all well explained and needed.  The ship transporting one specific person (I won’t spoil who) was really interesting to me.  The AI on that ship (and the convos that said person had before and after stuff happens) were also fascinating and a little terrifying.

Kilby does it again with Entropy and of course – the wonderful narration by Steven Jay Cohen really helps to turn this good story into a great one.  I hope that he continues to narrate this series and I’m definitely interested in seeing what happens to the crew in the rest of the series.

Book Description:

Entropy (The Belt #2) by Gerald M. Kilby (Narrated by Steven Jay Cohen)five-stars
Entropy (The Belt #2) by Gerald M. Kilby
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen
Length: 5 hrs and 59 mins
Series: The Belt #2
Published by Spoken Realms on April 3rd 2019
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook

The science vessel Hermes has been urgently recalled from its mission to survey the moons of Saturn, just as First Officer Miranda Lee receives bad news from home - her mother is dying so she must leave the ship and return to Earth - for good. Commander Scott McNabb is so distraught by her sudden decision to leave that he pays little or no attention to the parameters of the new mission being requested by the Council of Europa. Big mistake.

Powerful forces on Earth are now moving to resume inter-AI communications, risking the development of an all-out war. But other powers within the System are also mobilizing to prevent them from achieving their objective. Scott and the remaining crew of the Hermes are totally unaware that they are now at the very nexus of an inter-planetary battle - and ultimately heading toward disaster.

As the mission starts to fall apart Scott begins to realize the secrets that the ship’s QI, Aria, has been hiding from them all along. Secrets that could tip the balance of power within the System. He must now put aside all thoughts of Miranda and focus on trying to save his crew - including Aria. Failure to do so could ultimately plunge the entire System into total chaos.

No pressure, then.

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