A Book Blog Isn’t Hard To Find.  A Good Book Blog Is.  Here are some of my favorites.

High Fever Books (Michael Patrick Hick’s Blog) (https://www.michaelpatrickhicks.com/blog)

I don’t think there’s a single site that I’ve added more books to my TBR pile than Mike’s blog.  He reads and writes amazing books and book reviews.  I can alway peruse his reviews and find at least one new book to read.

Audiobook Reviewer (https://audiobookreviewer.com/)

Paul, what can I say about Paul. He’s the man.  He and his team are the place to go for audiobook reviews.  They do all kinds of genres and will give you their opinion on almost any audiobook. He’s also launched the ABR Audiobook Awards celebrating the indie audiobooks.

Sci-Fi & Scary (https://www.scifiandscary.com/)

Lilyn and team write some of the best reviews of Science Fiction and Horror books out there.  I can always count on an unbiased review from them and know that I’m getting exactly how they feel.

A Book Lover’s Life (https://bookloverslife.blogspot.com/)

A co-blogger of mine – I’ve been following her reviews since I started reviewing.  They are always to the point and let you know exactly what you’re getting out of a book.  It helps that we read a lot of the same books!

Lomeraniel Audiobook Reviews (http://www.lomeraniel.com/audiobookreviews/)

I’ll admit – every time I see her name I get mad that I don’t know how to say it – but the blog is full of great audiobook reviews.  She’s one of the best and one of my favorites to look at.

The Scary Reviews (https://thescaryreviews.com/)

I enjoy seeing some of the books that The Scary Reviews pick up.  A lot of the time the horror books help me find ones I’ve never heard of or hadn’t ever seen before.


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  1. Aww, thanks for including me! I haven’t been blogging or reviewing much this summer because the boys are keeping me busy, plus I’ve been in a slump which has sucked. I follow all the rest of the blogs above and totally agree with what you’ve said!! They are all awesome.

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