An Above Average Post-Apocalyptic Story

4 out of 5 stars

The Smiling Sickness leaves people dead in a few days with a smile from ear to ear like they died doing something they loved.  Before then – they are mysteriously gray and unknowingly passing the disease among family and friends.  There are a few who have managed to come out of it without the sickness but having lost everyone they loved.

The virus in Fight To Survive was pretty well written.  I’m usually someone who wants more about the disease and less about the preparedness (I love Bio-Thrillers), but I thought that Bowman gave me just enough to be curious without giving too much that I could shoot holes through.  I love that the little girl knew the percentage of people it had killed off before anyone else did.  I can’t imagine what a world that lost 96% of its population would be like.

At first, all I could think is “oh no, is this going to be one of the stories where everyone is completely nice and they pick everyone up on their way to the lodge?” Thankfully, Bowman cut that out after the beginning (it was a nice set up to get everyone in one place though).   It’s hard with how many post-apocalyptic books for me to not find something I dislike – in Fight To Survive it might be just how quickly things hit the fan.  I think that dealing with what was described would take a little while for people to even realize what was going on – let alone turn to the dark side.  Sure, for the pacing of the book, it’s totally understandable though.

Bowman did a nice job at creating characters that were unique to each other with their own strengths and weaknesses.  I like that a “city girl” was thrown into the mix who wasn’t familiar with guns, homesteading, or farming. It’s not to throw a wild card into the fire like that because then it’s not 5 people who know what they’re doing against the world.  It was also nice to see a bit of naivety shown by everyone in the group.  Most of the time people just know what to do when everything falls apart but the reality is that most people would be scared to death and make mistakes.

Overall, Fight To Survive could be the start of a really interesting series.  Adding Andrew Tell’s narration – I’m betting that this series will surprise me.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Fight to Survive by Dave Bowman (Narrated by Andrew Tell)four-stars
Fight To Survive by Dave Bowman
Narrator: Andrew Tell
Length: 6 hrs and 19 mins
Series: After The Outbreak #1
Published by Self Published on November 8th 2017
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 250
Format: Audiobook
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What if you woke up to find everyone gone?

After the deadliest virus outbreak known to man, everything is different. 96% of the population is dead. The surviving few are left to find their way among the ashes of civilization. Law and order have collapsed, and the world is thrown into chaos.

What if your preparations weren't enough?

Nick thought he was prepared for anything. But after the virus, he quickly realizes his efforts were too little, too late. He'll have to make the toughest decisions of his life to protect the ones who need him. But with everything lost, can he find the strength in himself to go on?

Could you face your greatest fears?

Liz's city has gone silent. She thinks she's all alone in the world – until she hears the gunshots and explosions nearby. She needs to escape to the mountains, but can she put her faith in a stranger who promises to help?

Could you push past your limits to survive?

Only a few survived the outbreak, but that was just the beginning. Now they'll have to fight harder than ever to stay alive.

After the Outbreak is Book 1 in a post-apocalyptic thriller series about people pushing past their limits as they try to survive the end of the world.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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