A Fist Full of Credits Audiobook Cover

A Fist Full of Credits Audiobook Cover

I Really Enjoyed It

4.5 out of 5 stars

I can’t believe that I didn’t notice that the cover art was Pittsburgh when I first picked this one up. I’m from Western PA (more of the northern end) and I went to school near Pittsburgh. I also visited a lot and had lots of friends from the area – so this might be one of the first books in a long time, especially anything in this genre where I knew exactly where Wong and Hamilton were talking about. I don’t think you need it to understand the story, I just understood it a lot more since I knew the geography of it. It’s funny, I HATED driving around the areas they kept visiting, but hearing them get around with no traffic troubles (they obviously run into enemies a lot instead) made me laugh since that was my biggest issue with Pittsburgh – the layout was not made for driving.

If I take the geography out of it, this book was a bit on the longer side. I know I’m in the minority here though – people love a longer book, especially a longer audiobook to get more value-per-credit. But in my opinion, there were a few points of the book that just could have been cut down. Thankfully, and surprisingly in such a long book – there wasn’t a ton of what I’d call “stat-reading” (where you’re presented with the full stat list of the MC and every single one has to be read out). I think Wong and Hamilton did a great job of giving the updates similar to “oh my stamina is now at 60” instead of listing out every single stat.

I think the most interesting thing in this one was Hal’s basic instant assimilation into the system. I think a lot of times in GameLit/LitRPG’s like this – you get chapter after chapter of someone trying to understand what’s going on. Whereas Hal was just like “oh, I get it, I was in the military and I liked video games – this is just like that”. Though I think the lack of “WTF, is this actually happening” was a bit weird, but I get it.  I loved Hal’s choice early on and the things that he was able to do in the early parts of the assimilation into the system. Without spoiling, I think it was probably one of the coolest parts of the book (that wasn’t fighting).

Overall, I thought that A Fist Full of Credits was a fascinating book that, even for as long as it was, I absolutely flew through. I think that was in part to the interesting writing of Wong and Hamilton but it was definitely aided by the great narration by Shamaan Casey. He has that deep gravely voice that I pictured Hal to have (and that Hal needed for who and how he was in the book). The combination of great action scenes and great world-building made it easy to enjoy.


Book Description:

A Fist Full of Credits Audiobook Cover

Bail bondsman. Veteran. Survivor.

Hal Mason’s still going to find surviving the System Apocalypse challenging.

While bringing in his latest fugitive, Hal’s payday is interrupted by the translucent blue boxes that herald Earth’s introduction to the System – a galaxy spanning wave of structured mystical energy that destroys all electronics and bestows game-like abilities upon mankind.

With society breaking down and mutating wildlife rampaging through the city of Pittsburgh, those who remain will sacrifice anything for a chance at earning their next Level. As bodies fall and civilization crumbles, Hal finds himself asking what price is his humanity. Are the Credits worth his hands being ever more stained with blood?

Or does he press on – relentless?

A Fist Full of Credits is the first book in a new series in the System Apocalypse universe. Written by debut author Craig Hamilton in Tao Wong’s best-selling post-apocalyptic LitRPG universe, System Apocalypse – Relentless is another glimpse into what humanity will do when the chips are down and the monsters are crawling from the shadows.

A Fist Full of Credits by Craig Hamilton, Tao Wong
Narrator: Shamaan Casey
Length: 15 hrs and 23 mins
Series: System Apocalypse - Relentless #1
Published by Starlit Publishing on October 11th 2021
Genres: Fantasy, LitRPG
Format: Audiobook
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