The Flaw in Our Design Audiobook Cover

The Flaw in Our Design Audiobook Cover

Loved It Beginning To End

5 out of 5 stars

Well then… I needed a few days to fully feel this book. McCallan did a great job of writing two characters that I absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with and wanted both of them to succeed. I could feel for each one of them and I thought that she did a great job writing each one of them to have flaws and issues that could both be dealt with but would cause just enough drama to make the book believable without making it seem ridiculous.

The Flaw In Our Design really touches on lots of subjects and topics that a lot of people, especially people as they get older, deal with in their dating lives. Olivia has seen hurt and death and doesn’t want to fall in love with anyone because she’s afraid of the pain that follows falling for someone. Valerie is basically hiding who she is from her family, she’s got to fit into this perfect cookie-cutter image and follow the plan laid out for her years prior. Neither one of them expected anything but what they found was better than anything they could have imagined.

I think I liked the setting of this as much as I enjoyed the story. And more than the setting, I loved Olivia’s family. Her brothers were hilarious and the storytelling ability of her dad (and how it makes Olivia feel/react) cracked me up throughout. I’ve met people just like that and I’ve known people to have families that are super close like hers and I can confirm that they’re just as sweet and caring. I loved it.

I absolutely love Lori Prince’s narration. If I see a book that sounds even a little bit good but see that Prince is narrating it – I usually pick it up. The Flaw in Our Design was made better by Prince’s narration.

Overall, The Flaw in Our Design was a book I won’t soon forget. I loved the full story including the drama and issues that came up. I think they really added to the color of the story and made both Olivia and Valerie more real and realistic.

Book Description:

The Flaw in Our Design Audiobook Cover

Olivia Carver’s life in Lake Cabot, New York, is simple. That’s how she likes it, even if she can’t stop the town she loves from being overrun by wealthy tourists each summer. When she’s not working at her family’s paddleboard shop or spending time with her lovable but infuriating brothers, she puts her energy into writing professionally, a dream that has yet to materialize.

Valerie Maycomb used to summer in Lake Cabot with her family when she was younger, until school and planning for her future became the driving forces in her existence. For the first time in years, following her college graduation, she’s spending a few months in the small, lakeside town she loved as a child. All she wants is a little time to decompress before law school in the fall and maybe even strike up the courage to talk to a woman.

A chance meeting at the lake opens up the possibility of a summer romance, with the explicit understanding that it can’t become something more. Olivia’s not built for falling in love, and Val needs to keep her eye on the prize of a successful career. But neither of them can deny the attraction, and summer quickly takes on a life of its own.

Contains mature themes.


The Flaw In Our Design by Monica McCallan
Narrator: Lori Prince
Length: 11 hrs and 47 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on July 6th 2021
Format: Audiobook
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