The Blue Hills Are Calling…

4.75 out of 5 stars

This was definitely an interesting book.  I know very little about fungus and any kind of mushroom, so when it got into the nitty-gritty of the science behind some of this I was totally lost.  But, then again, that’s how we learn as humans.  So, I find myself loving a book that can take a premise that I’ve read 20 different things about and do it in a new and intriguing way.

Fungoid was definitely an interesting book. It flips back and forth between a few different main characters.  Most of whom are trying to stay safe in this new and dangerous world.  One of them is attempting to figure out exactly what is happening.  All of these characters were incredibly well written and made this book a breeze to finish.

This was my first novel by William Miekle, and I found myself enjoying the way the book was written — even if there were a few parts that were obviously Canadian.  Being close to Canada, I knew mostly what he was talking about, but there were still a few words that I had to look up (thank you built in dictionary on the Kindle).

Overall, Fungoid was an excellent read.  I classified this as a bio-thriller because that’s where it gets it’s roots.  (Once you read the book too, that’s a fun double use of roots).  There were some thoughts as to where they thought this had come from (I won’t spoil any of them), but all of that just screams bio-thriller to me.  This could definitely be classified as horror or apocalyptic, both of these genres fit with the way this book was written.


Fungoid by William Meiklefive-stars
Fungoid by William Meikle
Published by DarkFuse on January 30th 2018
Genres: Bio-Thriller
Pages: 181
Format: Kindle
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When the end came, it wasn’t zombies, asteroids, global warming or nuclear winter. It was something that escaped from a lab. Something small, and very hungry.

It starts with deadly rain that delivers death where it falls, but soon the whole planet is under threat as the infection spreads, consuming everything before it.

A band of survivors on the Eastern coast of Canada watch as their world falls and crumbles to ruin. The infection seems relentless. More than that, it seems to be learning, adapting and evolving faster than they can fight it. Worse still—it is infecting not just their bodies, but is creeping into their minds, dancing in their dreams.

Can they stop it before it takes them?

Or must they all join in the final dance of death?

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


william-meikleI am a Scottish writer, now living in Canada, with twenty novels published in the genre press and over 300 short story credits in thirteen countries. I have books available from a variety of publishers including Dark Regions Press, DarkFuse and Dark Renaissance, and my work has appeared in a number of professional anthologies and magazines with recent sales to NATURE Futures, Penumbra and Buzzy Mag among others. I live in Newfoundland with whales, bald eagles and icebergs for company and when I’m not writing I drink beer, play guitar and dream of fortune and glory.

I don’t know where the ideas come from. I’m just glad that they come. It’s been over twenty five years now. I think it’s enthusiasm that keeps me going. I just love adventure stories with guns, swords, monsters and folks in peril.

I’m just a big kid at heart.

And therein lies my secret. I haven’t grown up.


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