Girl Soldier

How far would you go to find your mother?

4 out of 5 stars

Suspense at it’s best, T.R. Horne crafts a story of Rain Wilson, a girl with a missing history.  She has no idea who she is or where she came from.  Wilson discovers a trail of lies that she must follow to find her estranged mother.

The narration was done by Holly Lindin, who does a really nice job voicing Rain and everyone else.  The style and speed were really easy to follow and the production quality was also excellent.  Lindin has a nice voice and I will definitely look for other books that she narrates.

It’s funny to me when a description names some of my favorite books or a favorite genre of mine I’m always a little wary.  This book is definitely similar to The Bourne Identity in more ways than one.  The style of writing, especially when it comes to the action scenes were very similar to the Bourne books/movies (which I absolutely love).

T.R. Horne has an excellent knack for knowing when to sprinkle in the light-hearted parts, but this book is so much of a thrill ride  it almost gave me a nosebleed from excitement.  Horne is an excellent storyteller and I’ll be looking for more books from her in the future.

Rain Wilson is an interesting protagonist.  On one hand she’s easy to follow and like, and on the other I foud myself having a hard time relating to her.  Now, this doesn’t always take me out of a story but a few times I found that this pulled me out of an otherwise enjoyable novel.

Overall, the story was really interesting.  There were a few parts where I felt lost, but the story then brought me back in. This would be a wonderful story to read on a long plane ride.

I was given a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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Rain Wilson thought she knew where she came from. A small farming town, forgotten and missed by everyone. After learning that her estranged mother is missing, she realizes there is a lot she doesn’t know about the man who has raised her. She’s waited for her mother for ten years. Now eighteen and full of curiosity, she embarks on a harrowing journey to find her mother. She uncovers a trail of lies, deceit and quite possibly a plot too scary to fight against. How far will she really go to save her mother?

Girl Soldier is for readers who enjoy books such as The Bourne Identity meets James Patterson-style of novels, then you will love this action-packed, heartfelt suspense novel masterfully created by T.R. Horne.


TR HorneT.R. Horne is an avid reader, reviewer and all around critic of things written and non-written (just ask her husband…). She writes suspense novels for the most part but flirts with her first love, Poetry, from time to time. Between studying for her doctorate and dreaming of retiring early and moving into a tiny house, she carries on with a pretty lackluster life filled with a 9-5 job, sore feet, and a perpetual smile. She resides in Virginia but calls Atlanta, Georgia home when people ask. Thank her husband, son and two dogs for keeping her mildly sane and writing.


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