Reznick At His Best

4.5 out of 5 stars

While I haven’t read the entire Reznick series, I haven’t missed a book in a while. I love the action, the intrigue, and especially the “how the heck is Jon going to get himself out of this one” aspects of this series. Turner is a master storyteller and can write action scenes with the best of them. Hard Fire was no different.

I will say, that a few of the stories (I remember one relating to his daughter) for Jon are more revenge based than “for the greater good,” but Hard Fire walks the tightrope of being both simultaneously. The whole reason for this book is that a close friend of Jon’s has a hit taken out on him, and Jon is systemically taking down the people related to the killing. But while doing that, of course, he stumbles upon some information related to the killing that he can’t ignore.

A cross-country spree of information gathering follows, with some casualties along the way. Reznick will not be stopped, and anyone or anything in his way is making a huge mistake. I thought Reznick was laser-focused throughout dealing with the trauma in the only way he knew how.

Overall, I thought this was a great addition to this series and one that I absolutely flew through. Finishing it in two or three sessions. These stories always jump off the page, and Hard Fire was no different. An excellent performance by Jeffrey Kafer seals the deal here. He IS Reznick and the voice that I think of when these types of missions come up, even in other books.


Book Description:

From bestselling author J. B. Turner comes the next chapter in Jon Reznick’s story—revenge for a murdered friend.

Jon Reznick is not a man to cross. A brutally effective black-ops veteran, Reznick has a history of taking the law into his own hands. So when a group of masked men murders his closest friend, he swears to exact vengeance. The now-deceased Bill Eastland had been Reznick’s last living tie to his father, leaving him devastated…and furious. Whether or not the FBI approves, he swears to hunt down whoever issued the hit on his friend.

With the help of hacker Trevelle Williams, Reznick tracks the masked murderers from Maine to Texas to New York, quickly becoming embroiled in the shadowy world of the Aryan Brotherhood and the Mafia. As Reznick’s own body count begins to climb, clues lead him to one of the most dangerous crime families in New York, headed by the infamous Paul Moretti. But FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein has just learned a crucial secret that could derail Reznick’s quest for revenge—Moretti is a high-level FBI informant.

Reznick faces a stark choice: take on the FBI and risk severing ties with Martha, or inflict his own form of rigorous justice no matter the possible fallout. How far will he go—and how many government agencies will he undermine—to get retribution for his best friend’s death? He might just have to create his own set of rules.

Hard Fire by J.B. Turner
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 7 hrs and 25 mins
Series: Jon Reznick #10
Published by Brilliance Audio on December 13th 2022
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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