Hard Vengeance

Hard Vengeance

Top Notch Storytelling

4.5 out of 5 stars

Hard Vengeance is the ninth book in the Jon Reznick series, and it isn’t holding any punches anymore. As expected with this series – this one is a hard hitting and takes off almost immediately. This time the threat is much more real to Reznick and his immediate family than ever before.

Turner’s storytelling is top notch and you’ll likely have to remind yourself to breath as you’re listening to this one. His pacing is super fast and around every corner feels like there’s another part of the story. Reznick as a character is both brutal but also likeable. His love for the people he holds close is unmatched and his ability to find out what is going on, even when it’s too close to him personally is amazing.

As with all of the other books in this series, Jeffrey Kafer really brings his A game and turns this good book into a great one. His narration really adds a lot to these stories and I’d honestly have a hard time listening to Jon Reznick if it were narrated by anyone else from this point on.

Overall, I really enjoyed Hard Vengeance and I’m glad that I picked it up. I finished it in a couple of sittings and wish I’d had more time to listen to it. If I could have started and finished it in one day I would have.

Book Description:

Hard Vengeance

When the people he loves most are in danger, Jon Reznick will get revenge…or die trying.

When black-ops specialist Jon Reznick receives a voice mail from FBI assistant director Martha Meyerstein, hoping to explore their relationship outside of the federal government, Jon starts to imagine a new future, one where he can leave his past behind. But an unhinged killer with a grudge has other plans. He’s setting a trap for Reznick, one he knows the operative won’t be able to resist.

In a picturesque fishing village on the Mediterranean coast, a luxury yacht has gone up in flames. Was it a terrible accident or something much more sinister? Jon Reznick must travel overseas, to find out what’s happened to Martha and seek revenge on the psychopath who has put Reznick’s entire future in jeopardy.

Jon will need all the help he can get to bring him to justice. Fresh out of Quantico, Reznick’s daughter, Lauren, joins him against his wishes, along with hacker Trevelle Williams. But government operatives from across the globe have descended on this quiet vacation destination and will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out.

Hard Vengeance by J.B. Turner
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 6 hrs and 26 mins
Series: Jon Reznick #9
Published by Brilliance Audio on January 14th 2021
Genres: Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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