Hat Trick by Ali Spooner, K.L. Gallagher


5 out of 5 stars

I just had the pleasure of finishing up a fantastic sapphic romance called Hat Trick. This audiobook, written by Ali Spooner & K.L. Gallagher, tells the heartwarming love story of two women, Janelle Leblanc, and Alex Hawthorne. And this one didn’t miss. Spooner and Gallagher hit the nail on the head with this. A perfect mixture of friends-to-lovers, sports romance, and a few others sprinkled in.

Both main characters were instantly likable, and I found hearing their backstories and personal journeys fascinating. However, Leblanc’s journey, in particular, really stood out for me. Her character’s growth, even as the love interest starts, is enough to fill an entire book (her career before coaching). And the new journey and challenge she faces coaching an NHL team really piqued my interest. Similarly, Alex’s background and journey were equally captivating. The realization that she was being pigeonholed by her boss and given all of the grunt work, even as a junior partner, was painful to watch but incredibly validating towards the end of the book. Along with coming to terms with an abusive ex that abused her so badly, she ended up in the hospital, along with all of the baggage that comes with that.

The bond the two women formed, starting with a friendship, was an absolute blast to watch blossom into a romance. Each woman was vulnerable in unexpected ways, and it was heartwarming to see them come together. While there wasn’t much angst, there were some “big topics” discussed about abuse, so I wanted to give a fair warning.

Overall, I found Hat Trick to be a delightful and engaging audiobook. The characters were lovable, and the story was captivating, leaving me smiling throughout the book. I highly recommend this audiobook to anyone who enjoys sapphic romance or is looking for a heartwarming and low-angst love story.

Book Description:

Hat Trick by Ali Spooner, K.L. Gallagher

Alexandra “Alex” Hawthorne is on the fast track to the top of one of the most formidable white-collar criminal defense law firms in New York. She can ill afford any distractions, especially those with dark-brown eyes rocking a power suit while coaching professional hockey players. Not now. Not when Alex is so close to making senior partner. Not after all she has sacrificed.

After a devastating end to her playing career, Janelle Leblanc channeled her passion into coaching and reached the pinnacle of success as the first female head coach in NHL history. Despite her accomplishments, she hears whispers that she was hired as nothing more than a publicity stunt. Janelle’s focus needs to remain on the ice if she is to prove them wrong, not on a certain curly haired attorney with the most arresting emerald-green eyes she has ever seen.

Once the spark is lit, their chemistry is impossible to ignore. Can Janelle break down Alex’s walls to give them a real chance? Or will Alex’s past heartache be too much for them to overcome?

Hat Trick by Ali Spooner, K.L. Gallagher
Narrator: Heidi Bindhammer
Length: 9 hrs and 59 mins
Published by Affinity E-Book Press NZ Ltd on February 9th 2023
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, Sports Romance
Format: Audiobook
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