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5 out of 5 stars

If somehow you’ve been sleeping on Nicholas Sansbury Smith.  May I ask you what the hell is wrong with you? Also, to quote one of my favorite movies… “Hello? McFly!?” But, in all seriousness, Allegiance is the 6th book in the Hell Divers series and I believe at least the 10th (or more) book of his I’ve read.  In every series, Smith is able to bring such great action without sacrificing the realism (of science fiction) or the emotion.

Allegiance is a test of just that for X and the Sky People. A test of allegiance.  They are formed together with the Cazadores after the thrilling finale of Hell Divers 5. They are now trying to protect the metal islands while also looking for other survivors.  There are still rogue elements out there trying to kill them, but thankfully they don’t know where X and team are. The mutated animals and plants on land and in the sea and their ever-present danger are still there.  But that’s not the only thing hunting the survivors.

As I stated above, Smith is able to write stories that feel real and have that extra emotion that a lot of Post-Apocalyptic stories are missing.  Sure, there’s still a lot of war, fighting, and overall action.  But the conversations with their partners, the ever-present danger of all humans, and the mortality of our companions are extremely well written out without feeling too gushy. Smith is able to write about these things to remind the reader that these characters are still human.  They still care.  They still feel.  They may have been through absolute hell and back  (literally) but they are more than just unthinking unfeeling killing machines.

So, to write more about this book without spoiling it is pretty hard.  Just know that you’re in for incredible scenes (and well-written out new lands – like the one on the cover). You’re also in for X and others making the tough decisions.  Making the decision to damn one group of people while saving another.  It’s a real book and one that has left me feeling a bit raw.  I say all of this with a smile on my face though.  The Hell Divers series has a special place in my heart and it’s rare that six books in an author can not only write exactly what you were hoping for but also still surprise you. It’s also rare to have a series that is six books deep and still have as much left to give like this one.  There’s a big Earth and things, especially dangerous things, are good at hiding in the shadows until you least expect them.

Back to a more blurb-worthy review – Hell Divers VI: Allegiance might be Smith’s best work yet.  Combine that with R.C. Bray’s narration and you have one of the best books I’ve read in 2019. (Meaning that I probably read 2 of my top 3 books back to back this year). 

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Book Description:

The New York Times and USA Today best-selling series.

The war for the Metal Islands is over, but the search for survivors has just begun.

After a long and bloody battle, legendary Hell Diver Xavier Rodriguez reigns as the dutiful but reluctant new king of the islands. Advised by a council of former sky citizens as well as Cazadores, he works to assimilate the two societies peacefully. But not all Cazadores have accepted the new order.

While X tries to ease tensions at home, a rookie team of divers, led by Michael Everhart, returns to the skies in Discovery, formerly the ITC Deliverance. Their mission: To locate other human survivors throughout the world and rescue them. But Michael’s team aren’t the only ones searching for survivors. A gruesome discovery reveals that android defectors continue to hunt humans across the globe. And they may not be the only ones.

In a race against time, the Hell Divers may be the only obstacle to enemies bent on wiping out the final pockets of survivors and extinguishing the human genome forever.



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