New world meets the old in this fast-paced adventure

5 out of 5 stars

Hercules was known for many things throughout history — stories of his power and conquests reached many.  The Herculean Society’s main goal is to continue the legacy of Hercules by not letting other uncover some of the most dangerous and worst things in the world.

Narration for Herculean was done by Jeffrey Kafer, who like always does an incredible job.  Kafer really knows how to elevate books and make them even more enjoyable.  Kafer makes Robinsons already awesome work even more awesome (yeah, I went there).

The start of this book really confused me, but don’t be confused for long.  It starts off in a bizarre place, but then quickly goes to the “current” time where the Herculean Society exists.

The group was a really awesome hodgepodge of people from different backgrounds making each new character that was introduced new and different.  I love when an author can introduce numerous people but make the reader still feel like they know and understand each of them.  Each new person had something different about them that made them both stand out and more interesting.

The book itself was fast-paced and really well written.  I found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into the story as it progressed.  Herculean grabs you by the haunches and won’t let go.  Mixing old-world myth with new world technology.

Robinson still gets to stretch his typical monster writing style here, but it is at a minimum compared to some of his other works.

Book Description

Audiobook: Herculean by Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis (Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer)five-stars
Herculean by Jeremy Robinson
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Length: 9 hrs and 41 mins
Series: Cerberus Group #1
Published by Breakneck Media on February 3, 2016
Genres: Adventure
Format: Audiobook
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For three thousand years, the Herculean Society has preserved the legacy of the ancient hero, Hercules, protecting history’s fragile relics from humanity, and humanity from the dangerous truths behind the legends. Now, the Society’s new leader, archaeologist George Pierce, faces his first test: the Cerberus Group. The shadowy organization has two goals: the collection and distribution of black market relics, tech and secrets, and the purge of those deemed unfit for survival.

Pierce and his niece, Fiona—the last guardian of the ‘mother tongue,’ the forgotten language of creation—discover a secret entrance to the legendary Labyrinth, and at its heart, a hidden trove of relics that point the way to Hercules’s greatest discovery: a mutagen that can rewrite the very code of life. When a surprise attack leaves Pierce and Fiona trapped in the deadly maze, fighting for their lives, the race to stop the Cerberus Group begins.

To defeat this new enemy, Pierce must assemble a team of experts including Felice Carter, a geneticist with a dangerous secret, Augustina Gallo, a mythology professor, Cintia Dourado, a high tech hacker, and Lazarus, a dead soldier returned to life.

Guided by their knowledge of science, history and mythology, Pierce’s team sets out on an epic journey, following in the footsteps of Hercules, to stop Cerberus from controlling the power that rises from the Well of Monsters.


Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis, the international bestselling team behind the Jack Sigler thrillers, including Savage and Cannibal, return with a new series that rewrites the way we see history. Rivaling the best of Matthew Reilly and James Rollins, Herculean combines a blistering pace with fringe science and myths reborn.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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